Music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

It was the muller at the last church fair. No, it's not about the latest french crime scene, but about "gremsrock", a seven-piece band that was formed especially for the gremsdorf village festival. The kick-off was given by the gremsdorfer muller michael litz, when he joined katrin heinz-karg and dominik knoll at the kerwa in september.

"Casting at the kerwa

"Already during the kerwa-weekend we recruited the rough part of the band", report the two musicians – he plays guitar, she is there with keyboard and accordion. Robert ruhmann was the third in the group. "He was at the beer stand anyway, and we knew he played the drums. We asked him right away."

So it went on: raimund kratz from the brass band was brought on board as bass player, michael jager as second guitarist and finally as singers peter krettner and anna kestler. "Whereby each of us sings – everyone just what he can", explains katrin heinz-karg. After all, the musicians come from very different genres. Knoll, krettner and ruhmann are more into rock and metal. Kratz plays folk and brass music, as well as hard rock. Michael jager is with metal, funk, punk, rock and indie also rather to the harder track to be assigned. Heinz-karg, on the other hand, is rooted in classical music: "but i just do what i'm supposed to do", she laughs. The youngest of the group, singer anna kestler, has no band experience yet, but comes from a very musical family.


Summer with soul

Summer with soul

The july edition of the "summer in the city" event series held unusual interpretations through playfulness. Reason: the "orange shakers performed at the saumarkt. For three hours the summer in the city center on wednesday got rhythm, world hits and decibels from blues, rock, soul and funk.

Actually, it was a homecoming that the "shakers" as of 7 p.M. The "summer in the city experienced through them years ago the prelude, so now were the five men with the probably astonishing 200 songs paying repertoire back again. But what is the special apart from the music at "summer in the city"?? There was the inner circle, the innermost core, a beer garden under four lime trees in the square. Who sits here, has music, atmosphere and language; there was also the under gate and a fountain in the back as well as half-timbered houses to look at; there were also guest houses and the possibility to sit down beyond the action and follow the music from there.

Making a name for himself

As long as you have a clear view, because it is to be expected that about 200 people will join you standing around the beer garden. In the case of the "orange shakers" from kronach was that so, they attract audience and have made a name for themselves upper franconia wide. The "musician and the drummer" (whimsical formulation on their website) have basically made up for the recently canceled due to weather concert.


Staffelstein children celebrated not only with superheroine “ladybug

Staffelstein children celebrated not only with superheroine 'ladybug

Even in 2019, six- and eight-year-olds can still enjoy slipping into a role. A colorful picture was presented at the children’s carnival organized by the SKK in the peter-J.-minor hall. Mermaid, butterfly and fireman had fun playing, dancing and when it suddenly “rained” in the hall, instead of panic there was enthusiasm.

Nele likes flamingos, luisa loves sheep, pauline thinks mermaids are great. In the “fifth season the children have the unique opportunity of transformation. Happily they romped around in the hall, chatting here and there with each other according to the motto “but your costume is already”. Apparently unicorns and witches are currently very popular with the children, but so is the dotted superhero ladybug, who is also represented several times from the fantasy series “miraculous.

Balloon dance contest

“Without music everything would be nothing”, mozart already knew. And this is true not only for classical music, but also for an afternoon of joyful foolishness. When the musicians ronny and bodo, who thankfully took the place of the planned but prevented duo “gitty and rainer the already legendary “airman’s song” was performed by the the children sang and choreographed along with the performance.


The kurbis plays the main role

The kurbis plays the main role

The festival weekend already started on friday with a performance of the "french church cabaret in the seubling parish barn. Followed by the 14. Altendorf kurbisnacht with live music by "hampels houseband" on saturday and the rough kurbisfest on sunday.
The kurbis is a cult event in altendorf and attracts masses of visitors every year. The community is now known far beyond the borders of the district and has made a name for itself with the "giant berry" a unique selling proposition developed.

Due to intensive preparations, the 22. The second edition of the altendorf kurbisfest was once again a resounding success. At times it was almost impossible to get through the area around the chapel. All altendorf associations are involved in this event. A fact that pleased mayor karl-heinz wagner (CSU) in particular. For the local cucumber farmers, the cucumber festival is naturally also a welcome source of income. The construction of the cranks is time-consuming and expensive.
For this reason the kurbis can be used in many ways and is also appreciated in gastronomy. Whether they used it for fall decorations, as a halloween cucurbit, or to add a healthy alternative to their own meals.

All kinds of specialties

At the kurbisfest many specialties could be tasted right away. The offer ranged from delicious cucumber soup, cucumber sausages, cucumber waffles to cucumber liver cheese. Of course, the kurbis-secco, which was sold at the stand of the municipality, could not be missing. In addition there was kurbis-bowle with and without alcohol, kurbis-liqueur, kurbis-schnapps and different kurbis-spreads in the offer.