The kites in view

The kites in view

Home game month, part two: after the unexpected win against phoenix hagen, one of the toughest tests of the entire season now awaits wurzburg's defensive specialists chester frazier, john little and co.The third-placed artland dragons from quakenbruck, the most dangerous offense in the beko basketball bundesliga, will be playing in the sold-out s.Oliver arena.

Sunday's 5 p.M. Match kicks off an english week for the s.Oliver baskets: next wednesday (19.30 p.M.), the team travels to bayreuth for the frankenderby, and on the following saturday (february 18), at an unusual. February) at an unusual time at 14:00 hrs.30 o'clock the new yorker phantoms braunschweig are guests in wurzburg.
In the first leg at quakenbruck's "dragon's cave" the promoted team kept up well for a half, but in the end had to admit defeat with 74:87 – no team has ever scored more points against the s.Oliver baskets scored. "They have one of the most talented teams in the league and an unbelievable amount of quality in their squad", baskets coach john patrick says: "it's going to be a very tough task for us. In the cup game against bamberg in bayreuth they kept the game open for a long time. When they run, you can hardly defend them because they have so many good guards. David holston is the engine of the team, of course, but they are very deep and have top players at every position."

Use of davis holston is uncertain

Whether the current top-scorer of the beko BBL can start on sunday is still open: david holston (17.7 points and 6.1 assists per game), who scored 19 points in the first leg, injured his ankle on wednesday in the last seconds of the cup match. But the playmaker, who is only 1.70 meters tall, is just one of many offensive options in the arsenal of kite-bandit stefan koch. With nathan peavy (17 points in the first leg), newcomer brandon thomas, anthony king and darren fenn, four players scored in double figures on average, although all of them played significantly less than 30 minutes.

The baskets defenders had the biggest problems in the first leg with the now germanized adam hess, who scored 28 points and hit from all angles in what was probably his best game of the season. In addition, with johannes strasser and guido grunheid two of the best german players in the beko BBL. Probably the kites' best defender is an old acquaintance: bryan bailey played his rookie season in the jersey of the then wurzburg bundesliga club in the 2002/2003 season. Overall, the "attack department" is from quakenbruck good for 88.6 points per game, not including the "ausreiber" down at the game in frankfurt, which was won with 49:44, it was clearly more: in eight of their last nine league games (eight wins, one loss) the koch-crew has scored over 90 points, already three times this season they have cracked the magic 100-point mark.

DSDS in the arena

On the other hand, in the s.Oliver-arena, of eleven visiting teams so far, just two (bamberg and hagen) have managed to score over 70 points. In front of their own audience, the s.Oliver baskets only 61.6 opponents allowed – so an interesting duel should be guaranteed in the top match between fifth and third.

Spectators will also find it interesting before the game and during the half-time interval: ursula james from bad kissingen, successful contestant in the current season of the rtl casting show "deutschland sucht den superstar, will perform two songs for the spectators and sign autographs in the foyer after the game.
Also at the home game on 18. February against braunschweig: the "dancefloor destruction crew" performs two songs for the spectators from schweinfurt will be able to demonstrate her skills on the s.Oliver arena.

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