Music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

music from helene fischer to motorhead at the gremsdorf village festival

It was the muller at the last church fair. No, it's not about the latest french crime scene, but about "gremsrock", a seven-piece band that was formed especially for the gremsdorf village festival. The kick-off was given by the gremsdorfer muller michael litz, when he joined katrin heinz-karg and dominik knoll at the kerwa in september.

"Casting at the kerwa

"Already during the kerwa-weekend we recruited the rough part of the band", report the two musicians – he plays guitar, she is there with keyboard and accordion. Robert ruhmann was the third in the group. "He was at the beer stand anyway, and we knew he played the drums. We asked him right away."

So it went on: raimund kratz from the brass band was brought on board as bass player, michael jager as second guitarist and finally as singers peter krettner and anna kestler. "Whereby each of us sings – everyone just what he can", explains katrin heinz-karg. After all, the musicians come from very different genres. Knoll, krettner and ruhmann are more into rock and metal. Kratz plays folk and brass music, as well as hard rock. Michael jager is with metal, funk, punk, rock and indie also rather to the harder track to be assigned. Heinz-karg, on the other hand, is rooted in classical music: "but i just do what i'm supposed to do", she laughs. The youngest of the group, singer anna kestler, has no band experience yet, but comes from a very musical family.

50 songs of different directions

In december there was the first meeting for the song selection. It was clear that there should be something for every age and every taste: folk music, dance music, hits, oldies, rock and metal. "We have picked out 50 songs that we can all get behind", explains kratz. Because, as knoll points out, even if helene fischer, tote hosen, andrea berg or motorhead are not everyone's cup of tea, it is exciting to play such arrangements. "Often it's the hits that are unexpectedly difficult and interesting", according to heinz-karg.

Musically and temporally busy

It was – and still is – quite a challenge to rehearse a full evening program when almost all band members have other musical projects on the side. "Not to mention work, family and club commitments", added krettner. Actually, all of them are busy both musically and in terms of time. Therefore, joint rehearsals were only possible every four weeks. In the meantime, everyone had to rehearse eight to nine pieces for themselves. "And we had to get through the four- to five-hour rehearsal sessions", according to kratz. A sporty program then. Heinz-karg: "nothing works without discipline."

The spab is in the foreground

The musical standard had to be lowered here and there for this reason. "One must not be too perfectionistic. We just have to live with the quality we get this way," she says, says michael jager. What is important is the fun of it. The musicians have visibly. They are really looking forward to their appearance – which will not be the only one. "We are already booked for the kerwas 2018 and 2019", smiles raimund kratz.

Who female, perhaps hort the story of "gremsrock" still a long way from the village border.

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