Headwind from lauter on the regional plan

The review of the draft update has shown that in the municipal area of the municipality of lauter, one priority area each for wind power plants should be designated in the deusdorf subdistrict on the border with stettfeld and in the lauter subdistrict on the border with stettfeld. These priority areas were located about 900 to 1200 meters southwest of lauter and about 900 meters each west of deusdorf and southwest of leppelsdorf.
However, the administration’s recommendation to approve this update and to see it as an important contribution to an ecologically sustainable energy supply in the region of upper franconia sparked off a very lively discussion in the municipal council, in which this project found less and less support from minute to minute. Second mayor hans-jurgen zitzelsberger (CSU) found it fundamentally unacceptable to pave over the beautiful lauter valley with wind turbines. Gunter zenk (freie wahler) took a more differentiated view, arguing that if you want to get away from nuclear power, you also have to bite the bullet on renewable energies. Hildegard weigmann (CSU) said that the planned wind turbines were far too close to built-up areas, and that lauter had already done its homework with a large number of photovoltaic plants. "Must we disfigure our homeland like this?, she asked the audience and received universal approval. The lauter council felt insufficiently informed, with too little background knowledge of how the regional plan is created and what criteria are used to designate areas for wind farms, were other concerns. Mayor armin postler (CSU) saw a considerable need for clarification and formulated the concerns of the council – which therefore voted unanimously against the draft resolution. Only when the municipal council clearly sees the dimensions of such wind turbines and the criteria according to which sites were chosen, can a well-founded decision be made.

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