Hamburg woman has world-beating nail polish collection

Hamburg woman has world-beating nail polish collection

A hamburger woman probably owns the world’s largest collection of nail polish. Exactly 11 027 small and coarse bottles were paid by two lawyers in the apartment of carolin gorra (39). The record institute for germany has therefore officially confirmed her world record.

The graduate in business administration collects paints from all over the world and in every color, shape and decoration. She spends about 100 to 200 euros a month for it. In her apartment, there are nail polish bottles as far as the eye can see.

Only a small part of the collection is also actively used by her. About ten percent of nail polish also ends up on their fingers. The 39-year-old prefers bright, eye-catching colors. "Red or discreet – that’s not my thing! The stark colors are the real attraction for me," said the native of pasewalk (mecklenburg-western pomerania) to the german press agency.

Their rough dream is their own small museum with cafe. She already has a name for it: "nail polish wonderland". The hamburger can get a first feel for this as early as mid may. Then she is allowed to exhibit her collection for several months in the village and school museum of schonwalde am bungsberg (schleswig-holstein).

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