What apple could buy with its billions

"We are actively discussing what is best to do with the money," said chief financial officer peter oppenheimer. A few suggestions: with the money, apple could pay off one-fifth of greece’s public debt of around 352 billion euros. This will significantly ease the debt crisis across the continent and certainly bring apple many new fans in europe.

Instead of such an expensive advertising campaign, apple could also roughly enter the car business. If the californians sell just a few more iphones, the money will be enough to swallow up daimler (44 billion euros) and BMW (40 billion euros) in one go. Docking stations for apple devices already have the cars.

A third proposal would be to give each of the 82 million germans, from infants to the elderly, an ipad 2 (from 479 euros) and an iphone 4S (without a contract from 629 euros). With some house discount it would be easily possible.

But so far apple has been unwilling to give up any of its treasure. Shareholders have been clamoring for a dividend for years. But they will probably have to wait a long time. Chief financial officer oppenheimer said apple will be careful that the billions "don’t burn a hole in its pocket.

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