Tug of war: dorflas has the strongest manners

Tug of war: dorflas has the strongest manners

The strong men from the aurachtal district of dorflas won the traditional firemen’s tug-of-war at the kerwa in falkendorf. They love six neighboring fire departments behind them and relegated the fire departments neundorf and niederndorf I to the second and third places.

Eight fire department teams show their strength at the tug of war before the fruhschoppen on sunday. Among them were also the hosts, but with a team weak in substitutes. Finally the falkendorfer fire-brigade as organizers of the ever more roughly becoming kerwa, after the strenuous structure and the likewise not easy party nights, strenuous day has behind itself.

Children were allowed to help out

Instead of nine firefighters only five started and took two children as reinforcement in the team. As expected, the team was eliminated in the preliminary round. "We didn’t want to win at all and we can’t hand over the cup to ourselves", said commandant bernd hopfes with a smile, who was refereeing the match.

But the remaining teams put in even more effort, the firefighters who came along, families and fans loudly with "hau-ruck" and "pulls were cheered on. Against the men from dorflas were then in the sting the other teams without a chance. Participants: mausdorf, oberreichenbach, hofen/zweifelsheim, dorflas, niederndorf 1, niederndorf 2, neundorf un d falkendorf.

For the falkendorfer fire-brigade chairman stands with the competition the fun in the foreground and with the following weibwurstfruhschoppen it went around comradeship and good language.
The meadow in front of the hessenmuhle was again transformed into a fairground for a weekend. The kerwa is becoming more and more of a cult event.

The start on friday was made by the "moonlights" and the oktoberfest party. The french cult band has been around for more than 15 years and they love to get into the right party mood right away. The visitors seem to feel very comfortable. So the first two kirchweihtage ended only shortly before sunrise and the waiters as well as the ladies in the almhuttenbar had as hande full to do. At an early hour even the one or other drinks were scarce.

Cheeky kerwasongs

After the party night, the local boys and girls were called upon to fetch trees on saturday afternoon. Following a tradition of many years, the tree was driven through the village and cheeky kerwal songs were sung in front of the houses. The numerous spectators were able to enjoy the freshly baked cakes during the election campaign. After an hour the tree was up and after the rally the tree guards moved into their quarters in order not to give a chance to any possible rioters.

On saturday the band "franken gaudi" was on stage the row and the almhutte became again starting point. The early morning pint on sunday was organized by bine and bernd, who also entertained the visitors during lunch and the traditional musical coffee break. The final challenge for the kerwasburschen and their madle was then to dance out the nets.

Today, monday, the festival square will be cleared and the inn "zur post" will be opened the falkendorf kerwa with musician "ingo then finally come to an end.

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