The language barrier is not an obstacle

The language barrier is not an obstacle

"You obey us, we obey you, if you are looking for friends, you will find them here." The 3b of the elementary school hemhofen buried their new classmates on monday with these song lyrics. They haven’t understood the text yet, but that’s probably only a matter of time. The ten- to twelve-year-olds are children of refugees who are now forming their own class at the hemhofen school.

Claudia rueb-mackrodt from rottenbach has taken on the task of teaching the children the german language in a small class of her own. The retired teacher, who wanted to volunteer in refugee care anyway, responded to an appeal for this position in hemhofen.

The pedagogue approached the matter with great enthusiasm and also worked with the refugee children for a week beforehand. However, still in the community accommodation in the former tennis hall. The children now sitting in front of her speak arabic, kurdish and azerbaijani.

With hands and feet

Although she doesn’t speak these languages, rueb-mackrodt has no problems teaching the kids anything. "It’s done with hands and feet. I pick up the children where they are", says the reactivated teacher, says reactivated teacher. She sees it as a very special task to give the young refugee children a basic knowledge of german.

Principal herbert winter was pleased to welcome the new students to his school. He accompanied the musical welcome on the guitar. Winter’s remarks were still translated by an interpreter, but that will soon no longer be necessary. The principal plans to gradually integrate the refugee children into the regular classes. This integration is to begin in the classroom and in sports.

The school’s "forderverein" had packed a small welcome package for each new refugee child, which the local schoolchildren were allowed to hand over. In the tutes was all the writing material that the new elementary school students need for the lessons.

The shy looks slowly disappeared from the faces of the refugee children as they left the assembly hall and entered "their classrooms moved.

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