“Taking the citizens with him”

Josef hofbauer soccer coach or sports presenter were the dream jobs of marco friepes, who will succeed mayor gerhard amon in weilersbach in may. Until his 21. The former soccer player for SV gloria weilersbach, who was involved in community and church youth work, had nothing to do with politics from the time he was a young man. Until the then CSU local chairman roland dauer asked him if he would like to run for the town council.

The former head administrator of weilersbach has been a member of the town council since 2002. Professionally, the 39-year-old has made it to the position of training manager at siemens healthineers. Kunftig, however, on a part-time basis, because you can’t do the job of mayor "just on the side the former CSU local chairman, who succeeded in doubling the number of members during his time in office, says that he will continue to be a member of the CSU until he is 21.

It has evolved

"Whether the office of mayor will be a dream job remains to be seen," says the new mayor, friepes is cautious. That has developed over the course of time. "At any rate, it wasn’t like our neighbor’s daughter lisa-marie (8), who decided long ago that she wanted to succeed me as mayor, laughs friepes.

There will be no grace period in the municipal council, where half of the members are new. Although the council first had to come together as a body, pending projects such as the school renovation, the extension to the daycare center or the implementation of the construction areas did not tolerate any delay. "In addition, there are the wishes for playgrounds and a bike park", says the new mayor, who wants to play to his strengths in his new role: listening well, accepting criticism and being open to ideas. But it will be just as important to pursue the goals tenaciously and to "take people along with us" to be able.

Nobody is perfect

The newly elected mayor sees the city council as a team in which mutual trust should prevail. "The point here is not to pretend to have an opinion, but to discuss proposals and come to a common solution.

His gaze is always directed forward. "I do not dwell long on enjoying successes. This is just a snapshot. Tomorrow everything could be completely different", says friepes, who has been accused here and there of demanding too much from the people around him and praising too little. "I want to make a difference in my home town", he emphasizes that of all the candidates who had no opposing candidate, he was able to achieve the best election result in the entire district.

Even though his best friends had advised him not to run for office, he had received a lot of positive feedback for his sincerity, honesty and commitment. Friends and acquaintances added the words authentic and reliable to his list of qualities.

He borrowed his recipe for success from winston churchill. "The winner is the one who stands up more than he falls down", the british prime minister once said. As a person, jurgen klopp is a figure he looks up to as a soccer fan, the ex-goalkeeper confesses.

In himself, marco friepes thinks, he is a guy who radiates calm, a rock in the surf, which he attributes to his partly bohemian roots. With one exception: as a spectator on the soccer field, the emotional man lets his emotions run free. And does the new mayor have the courage? "When it comes to decisions, yes, but when I have to go down a steep hill on a sled, no.", the community leader admits.

Strength comes from faith

Friepes, who was the only boy in his class to attend a cooking class at school, draws his strength from his faith. "I pray every day, whether I’m walking or driving", confirms the father of two, who strives for a healthy balance between work and his home with wife sonja and daughters jana (13) and julia (11). His favorite place at home is the corner seat on his sofa. From there he can see his favorite mountain, the walberla.

When it comes to leisure activities, the new mayor first mentions his family outings. "It is extremely important to me", stresses friepes "whether it’s simply going away for a few days, swimming in the wiesent in their home country, or running through the keller forest. Then come the card games (schafkopf), the stammtisch, nordic walking and sauna. I have to do something for my health, too", declares the new community leader. Among his habits, by the way, is that he takes half a lemon every day. We advise him: "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them."

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