Staffelstein children celebrated not only with superheroine “ladybug

Staffelstein children celebrated not only with superheroine 'ladybug

Even in 2019, six- and eight-year-olds can still enjoy slipping into a role. A colorful picture was presented at the children’s carnival organized by the SKK in the peter-J.-minor hall. Mermaid, butterfly and fireman had fun playing, dancing and when it suddenly “rained” in the hall, instead of panic there was enthusiasm.

Nele likes flamingos, luisa loves sheep, pauline thinks mermaids are great. In the “fifth season the children have the unique opportunity of transformation. Happily they romped around in the hall, chatting here and there with each other according to the motto “but your costume is already”. Apparently unicorns and witches are currently very popular with the children, but so is the dotted superhero ladybug, who is also represented several times from the fantasy series “miraculous.

Balloon dance contest

“Without music everything would be nothing”, mozart already knew. And this is true not only for classical music, but also for an afternoon of joyful foolishness. When the musicians ronny and bodo, who thankfully took the place of the planned but prevented duo “gitty and rainer the already legendary “airman’s song” was performed by the the children sang and choreographed along with the performance.

Committed members of the SKK had once again come up with a colorful program and offered the children entertainment, fun and variety. The young and young at heart took up the challenge of the balloon dance competition with gusto, and moved through the hall like locomotives during the polonaise – and were not upset when it started to "rain" started: "guilt it was not a leak in the roof of the hall, but rather the SKK provided for enthusiasm, by pelting down confectionery.

Magical "sorcerer’s apprentices

Even the parents or grandparents accompanying the children gave well-deserved applause at the performance of the SKK mini-guards under the direction of christina ullmann. The young dancers were costumed as sorcerer’s apprentices a la harry potter and earned the rating "magical".

"Ene mene rattenschwanz, stage free for the youth guard with their dance", the famous "chief magician a little later, michael hess announced the next highlight of the afternoon. The girls, also trained by christina ullmann, showed themselves to be in top shape, which was worth the loud applause of the spectators.

"Poseidon and his mermaids" win

The jury had the agony of choice at the masquerade ceremony . "You did not make our decision easy", michael hess emphasized, after the participants had presented their partly very original costumes during a dance on the stage. The best ten participants of the mask competition were happy to receive prizes. Third place went to the group "unicorn power, the silver rank went to the young tim as "rocket". The winners were of course very happy: five children from lichtenfels, annelie, linda, lotta, laila and mattes, made a great impression as "poseidon and his mermaids" for attention. In spite of this, no one went empty-handed due to the aforementioned multiple candy rains this afternoon. The children were allowed to enjoy this beautiful afternoon in the peter-J.-moll hall will be remembered vividly for a long time to come.

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