Soccer-court divides the village

Soccer-court divides the village

No one had expected this: for the first time at an SPD local meeting, the chairman of the SPD city council faction, ingo lehmann, buried the oberburgermeister last night. Henry schramm (CSU) must have realized that the topic of the meeting had explosive power: should a soccer court be built at the new playground in forstlahm or not??

From the parking lot of the inn schramm a train of 70 forstlahmer and visitors pilgrimaged unanimously to the hollow between the old village and the new building area, which spreads northwestwards. But at the place where the new playground is to be built, it was over with the unanimity. There was controversial discussion, sometimes emotional. It turns out that the small soccer field is causing a lot of trouble and is dividing the village: here the old residents, who are against the soccer court – there the new residents, who think the soccer court is great.

Fear: alarm until evening

The reservations of the forstlahmer from the old village formulated among others peter stocker. He assured: "we are not hostile to children." But it is to be feared that the soccer-court has a magnetic effect and also attracts children from far away. Then it was over with the peace and you have larm until evening.

Like the previous speaker, frank schneider emphasized that no one has anything against a "normal playground" have. But a soccer-court does not go at all.

Anita treubel criticized that the city had not informed her about the construction of the playground. Moreover, the playground had initially been planned somewhere else, namely directly in the new construction area. And reinhold schramm was surprised about the investment for the soccer court: because there is already a soccer field in forstlahm – not far away at the end of the village in the direction of donnersreuth.

Ingo lehmann and his colleague matthias meubgeyer suggested that the city council discuss the matter again. They advised, in view of the protest, to do without the soccer court, which they had not known was being built.

OB schramm did not think much of it. He was surprised that a playground can cause such reactions. "If we can’t stand the sound of children’s laughter, something is wrong in our society", he said, noting that the playground was included in the unanimously approved development plan.

He pointed out that mabnahmen were taken to avoid arger. The mini-pitch will be moved to the west and enclosed by high hedges. The soccer court is being fitted with larm-reducing belts and nets to prevent balls from flying into the neighbor’s garden. Who is allowed to play and for how long is to be regulated by the usage statutes.

Applause from neuburgers

Schramm explained that the city wanted to build an attractive playground in forstlahm that all the children in forstlahm would enjoy – and received applause from the people of neuburg. "We don’t do it to make you angry", he said to the old residents.

There is no going back. The building materials have already been ordered. "Let’s give it a try", he said. "If it still doesn’t work", he could imagine dismantling the soccer court and rebuilding it in another part of town.

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