Sign for tolerance: kothen residents paint the city center colorfully

sign for tolerance: kothen residents paint the city center colorfully

A rough burning candle was painted on the pavement, framed by a flower and a dove of peace. "Peace be with you!" Could be read in rough letters. Oberburg mayor bernd hauschild (SPD) said: "the people of kothen have expressed what they feel when it comes to peace and to mourning."About 200 to 300 people had participated in the attack.

A week after the heart attack death of a 22-year-old after a night quarrel in kothen, demonstrations are again announced for sunday. The right-wing association "zukunft heimat" has joined forces with the xenophobic dresden pegida alliance to call for a rally on the market square and a subsequent march. The afd is not one of the organizers, but some of its members had advertised the event in their networks and announced their participation. Several alliances against the right have called for a protest event.

According to authorities, the 22-year-old, who had a serious heart condition, died of a heart attack last sunday night after he intervened in a dispute between several afghans and was punched in the face. Two 18 and 20 year old suspects are in custody under investigation.

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