Sebastian hutzler likes the stress

Sebastian hutzler likes the stress

FC wichsenstein is ranked 7th in kreisklasse 3 ER/PEG, sebastian hutzler has not yet been able to play this season due to injury. But it also gives the 23-year-old board member more time to plan for his club’s 50th anniversary.

Who played them?
Sebastian hutzler: pascal schupferling from schlaifhausen played with me. We were classmates in secondary school and are currently in a typing pool together. I am usually the loser.

You have been the board member of FC wichsenstein for four years. How does one get to this office at such a young age??
FC was looking for a board member four years ago, and at first no one was willing to do it. I’m a businessman by profession, so I thought that would be a good fit and that I could get into management. In the meantime, this has become a very pleasant hobby.

Besides they are also supervisor of the play community from the reserves of wichsenstein, gobweinstein and muggendorf. Do you see yourself more as a functionary or a player?
It varies: I see myself more as a functionary, but due to my young age I also like to be an active fubballer. I haven’t played yet this season because I injured my thigh in the second preparatory game. Since it is a muscle bundle tear, I can attack again only at the end of september or beginning of october.

After the 0-0 draw against herpersdorf last week, the first team is in seventh place. Where to this year after narrowly missing out on promotion in summer?
On wednesday would have been more in it, there we had the victory can bring in. But this year it will not go so far up for us, because we have a rough upheaval in the team. We now rely more on young wichsensteiner talents, so it can be that we make mistakes and also sometimes leave points behind.

On sunday you host ASV forth, in the last season we lost 2:4. Time for a revenge?
Definitely! We go into the game on sunday with the clear goal of leaving the three points in wichsenstein. But we also know that the forthers also have an offensive style of play.

Next week, the FC celebrates its 50th anniversary. Are you in a lot of stress?
As the first chairman of the board, I am naturally very busy at the moment. On thursday the guests can expect a political evening with manfred weber of the CSU. On friday we play against eschenau, after that the band "audiocrime" guest. On saturday blechhulza plays, on sunday evening we have our wichsensteiner cabaret artist jurgen roppelt and additionally bernd handel. On monday is the end of the festival with a big honorary evening.

To whom do they continue to play?
To tobias fortsch from SV bieberbach. We played in the youth JFG frankische schweiz and won the KJR cup. We know each other from school and are still in contact, but due to work it is a bit more difficult nowadays.

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