Public prosecutor’s office initiates bubgeld proceedings against vwein

Public prosecutor's office initiates bubgeld proceedings against vwein

Investigations are being conducted against volkswagen and the purchasing board, said a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office in stuttgart, confirming a report in the "suddeutsche zeitung".

There are suspicions that both the manager, who sits on the supervisory board of werkclub vfl wolfsburg, and the group have breached their control duties. Investigations are still underway, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

At VW, the accusations are considered "groundless and unfounded," a spokesman said. However, he did not want to comment further on the current proceedings. At the end of march, the regional court in stuttgart had already admitted the lawsuit against two VW managers and three former employees of telekom. According to the investigation by the public prosecutor’s office, VW executives are said to have demanded the extension of a sponsorship contract in order to continue a highly remunerated contract with T-systems.

Telekom, however, decided against continuing sponsorship. IT contract for computer systems maintenance not signed. According to the prosecutor’s office, the contracts should never have been linked to each other.

The defendants are between 49 and 69 years old. You had always denied the accusations up to now. The stuttgart district court has jurisdiction because one of the defendants lives in stuttgart.

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