Professionals and amateurs for keller as dfb president

professionals and amateurs for keller as dfb president

After a marathon presentation in berlin lasting five and a half hours, fritz keller, who had been chosen as the DFB’s chief reformer, was speechless.

Praise from all leading soccer officials, from bayern boss karl-heinz rummenigge to DFL boss christian seifert, poured down on the SC freiburg club boss, who has now been officially named a DFB presidential candidate. "After reinhard rauball’s speech, i don’t dare say anything anymore," the 62-year-old stated, when the outgoing league president had also praised him for his promotional speeches to amateur and professional officials.

"He hit the nerve today. He is professionally and characteristically convincing," rauball said on wednesday about keller, who then found the words again just in time. As an active and critical moderator, the boss of SC freiburg wants to be a part of the team after his now practically certain election to the 13. President of the german soccer federation at the bundestag on 27 february. September the association, which has been struggling for years to find its bearings, also emerged from the worst crisis in its history in terms of operations.

There can be no talk of grub-august here. "First comes an analysis, then comes a concrete presentation," he announced, without any time limit, first taking a close look at the processes in all areas of the DFB – all the way to the national team under the leadership of his black forest compatriot joachim low.

Only when keller has sorted out the day-to-day work at the DFB does he intend to withdraw from the operational side of the business and control operations in the style of a supervisory board. The top winemaker is not bothered by the fact that the structural reform means that he no longer has the authority to issue guidelines that the DFB chief used to have. "I see myself as a team player. There will be no one-man show," he promised.

With his campaign program in a backpack over his shoulder, he had come to the meeting of the amateur associations that morning and had convinced even the delegates who were considered critical of him. "He made a very good impression," said bernd schultz, president of the berlin fubball association, following the meeting, which lasted several hours. "There were a lot of questions," said erwin bugar, president of the northeast german fubball association.

But keller had conveyed the impression "that he will master the tasks ahead. Only the saxonian association refused to give keller its approval for the time being – officially, because its president hermann winkler was on vacation. Keller scored points with the amateurs with his program for the club as the core cell of fubball. These are for him a "sacred cow" and in german history "the first places of democracy".

It took keller a full 20 minutes to present his program to the representatives of the 36 professional clubs. The german soccer league, which on wednesday approved its own structural reform and bid farewell to its president rauball, said through seifert, the new spokesman for the executive committee: "the dfl is fully behind fritz keller and his program. He lives for football and is an extraordinary personality who stands for independence and credibility."

A first fact and personnel decision was already made by keller. DFB vice president rainer koch will seek offices at FIFA and UEFA on behalf of the DFB. He himself also wants to have time to "eat a sausage and drink a spritzer" at a major league game. International tasks could take up too much of his time for grassroots work. "He embodies down-to-earthness, integrity, credibility," praised koch, who is one of the winners of the upheaval.

Keller had quickly recognized the core theme of the day. He wanted to secure the "unity of german soccer", i.E. To pacify the permanent conflict between professionals and amateurs. For the next round of negotiations for the basic contract with the DFL, however, he already made it clear that he knew which "hat I have on". Professional man seifert will therefore be prepared for tough negotiations.

The personnel and factual issues of the professional clubs were almost pushed into the background at their full meeting over the keller personnel matter. Rauball bid farewell to the delegates of the 36 clubs with an urgent appeal for unity in german professional soccer.

Seifert, will in future probably be even more concerned with balancing the interests of the financially strong industry leaders FC bayern and dortmund, which is no longer represented on the DFL board, and the smaller clubs, especially from the second division. League have to take care of. In the election for the DFL presidium, candidates from the middle and lower levels of professional soccer predominantly prevailed. Oliver leki from keller’s small club SC freiburg will also be represented on the DFL presidium in the future.

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