Palatinate museum invites visitors to a special kind of egg hunt

Palatinate Museum invites visitors to a special kind of egg hunt

Berlin eggheads, egg tulips, a mole or a dinosaur in an egg: on the "art action the members of the felt network have brought out their entire repertoire of creativity and produced a wide variety of felt shapes for the pfalzmuseum. The egg was the center of attention for the upcoming easter celebration.

31 artists of the 300-member "felt network" association from all over germany and also from luxembourg have participated in the "action kunstlerei" involved. "I did not think the response would be so rough. It took the felters a little while, but then the letter carrier brought packages with new felt eggs almost every day", says barbara eichhorn, 2. Chairwoman of the "felt network. From small to coarse, from simple to auandig to the most bizarre ideas – everything is there.

"No two eggs are alike. They are unique, which will not exist a second time", she adds.
The action is held annually during the exhibition weeks "easter in the pfalzmuseum – passion resurrection" arranged with changing artists. The sculptor harro frey from uffenheim, who has already died, also had an egg specially designed for the "kunstlerei" campaign a few years ago designed.

Felt eggs cost up to 50 euros

The prices of the eggs are formed by the effort that had to be made for the felt eggs, as well as the particularity of the collector's piece. For a simple egg, interested parties only have to put between one and two euros on the counter. The berlin eggheads, on the other hand, already cost around 30 euro. And that is not the maximum, other felt eggs can be up to 50 euros.

The proceeds from the sale of the eggs will go to the pfalzmuseum forchheim. "I am struck by the quantity and creativity of the artists. It is madness", christina konig, deputy director of the pfalzmuseum, is delighted.

As of easter sunday , 8. April, at 3 p.M. The eggs can be searched, seen and bought at the pfalzmuseum in forchheim, kapellenstrabe 16. Then the visitors can go on an egg hunt of the somewhat different kind.

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