Mallorca fights for its tourists

Mallorca fights for its tourists

Mallorca is making headlines around the world these days. Many a tourist is unsettled by the dramatic images of slushy mud masses, crusted houses and collapsed bridges.

On tuesday evening, more than 230 liters of water per square meter fell from the sky without warning in a region in the northeast of the vacation island – there are deaths, chaos and damage in the millions of euros. Only 60 kilometers further west, where vacationers at the playa de palma enjoyed the octobonnen, is from the drama however nothing to trace.

The thermometer at the party mile ballermann shows pleasant 21 degrees, the sky is blue, only at the horizon a few clouds have risen over the sea. Many holidaymakers in the majorcan tourist resorts were initially unaware of the catastrophic flooding. Only through media, social networks or calls of concerned relatives they hoard of the tragedy.

"Here on the playa it has only rained a little," says irene from north rhine-westphalia, who is on the island for the first time. "I only received a call from my worried niece on wednesday morning. A colleague had asked her at breakfast if she had "heard about mallorca", the elderly lady recounts. "In some media this was apparently represented in such a way, as if on the whole island end of the world was announced."

"We only found out what was happening from the media," say two men from julich, who are on vacation at the playa de palma. Dutchwoman ellen, who is traveling with a cycling group on the island, also reports that she heard about the disaster from relatives in the netherlands. "The village sant llorenc des cardassar I do not know, but we were often in the area between manacor and artà in the island east with the bicycles on the way."What happened there was "simply terrible".

The region of sant llorenc des cardassar was particularly badly affected by the torrential rain that turned roads into rubbing rivers and swept away cars like toys. So far, twelve bodies have been recovered, including three germans, two britons and a dutch woman. An eight-year-old boy is still missing – helpers fear he could have been swept into the sea. The search is now to be continued with boats off the coast.

In fact, the natural phenomenon had hit a very limited area. Nevertheless, the island’s government is worried that unsettled tourists could cancel their vacations because of the images from the disaster area. And it is not the first time that mallorca makes headlines this year that worry vacationers: since may, the sighting of poisonous jellyfish of the genus "portuguese galley" at various stretches of coast had triggered alarm several times. At the end of june, researchers discovered a huge shark off the nearby island of cabrera, which could have been a white shark.

The ministry of tourism felt obliged to issue a statement after the floods. "The affected area in the northeast of the island is very small. The rest of mallorca was not affected by U?The head of the balearic tourism agency ATB, jaume alzamora, is quoted as saying: "the main tourist centers in the balearic islands have been hit by flooding.

In the main tourist centers there is "absolute normality"?T, hotels are geo?Ffnet, infrastructures are working," alzamora continued. "There is therefore no reason for concern – everyone can take their planned vacation on our scho?Nen island to continue and without hesitation to enter."

However, despite all the warnings, "hundreds" of tourists had already canceled their trip to majorca, the newspaper "el mundo" reported. "I have already had six reservations canceled," the paper quoted a hotel owner from cala millor as saying. There is great confusion, "because many believe that there have been floods everywhere in mallorca, when in fact there have not been."

Toni horrach, head of the hotel chain HM hotels, which has eleven houses on the island, however, sees the situation calmly. "We have not had a drop in vacationers because of the storms," he told the deutsche presse-agentur. "We think that the vacationers know that they are safe on the island."

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