“Just being a woman”

Cool, gaudy and round is the female figure that catches the eye in christina dumler-karwath’s front yard. Dumler-karwath calls her "nana". "Nana" could become the mascot for the 1. Women’s day in kitzingen’s coarsest district, to which the femininity pedagogue and nurse for intensive care medicine will be invited on 21. October invites.

Who exactly is "nana" and why is she standing in front of your house??

Christina dumler-karwath: "nanas" are sensual, colorful sculptures by a french artist. They are characterized by voluminous bodies with rough gender features and stand as a symbol for vitality, femininity and free life design without inhibitions and convention limits. I made the "nana" that stands in my front garden myself.

What should the "nana" say to the people who see it??

For me it is simply a beautiful embodiment of femininity that invites you to accept yourself as you are, with your wrinkles and pounds. My "nana" says: please yourselves as you are!

This fits in well with the motto of the first women’s day in the housing estate: "simply be a woman!"What is this day all about?

In the menopause seminars that i give, very different topics around femininity come up again and again. So about a year and a half ago, I thought to myself: why isn’t there a "mass for women" or something similar?? So the idea was born. Last year, in the summer, I started to work on the 1. To organize women’s day in the kitzinger settlement. I wanted a good mix of medical and "lighter" topics, like lifestyle, travel, fashion show. With the help of alexandra schafer (initiator "rentnerklatsch"), friends and family members, an exciting program has now come about, which also includes a social aspect: the erlos goes wildwater e.V., a counseling center for abused women and girls in wurzburg.

Are all women invited or only from a certain age??

Of course women of all ages are invited – casual as well as chic clothes in rough coarse for example can also interest young women, as well as the report of martina weltner, who describes how it is to travel alone. And we all go through menopause. By the way, also the manner! They are also welcome guests.

What are you looking forward to most about women’s day?? What is important to you at the premiere?

I would be happy if the 1. Women’s day will be the start of a whole series of specialist days for women. I have planned extra coffee and cake breaks, because it should also be about women talking to each other, exchanging ideas and networking.

The program item "discover the world of travel as a single woman" almost sounds like an invitation to leave your men behind for a change.

You can take this as an invitation to dare to do something that you might not have done or dared to do before. Every woman can be self-confident enough to go out on her own sometimes.

For example, to go to the women’s day?


Simply be a woman – program on saturday, 21. October

Program: the 1. Women’s day in the settlement will be opened with coffee and cake at 2 p.M. In the district center kitzingen-siedlung, konigsberger strabe 11. At 14.30 o’clock organizer christina dumler-karwath buries the guests.

14.50 o’clock: lecture "climacteric and sexuality", speaker is dr. Hanne weinand, gynecologist.

15.30 o’clock: break with coffee and cake

4 p.M.: lecture "zilgrei", speaker is zilgrei teacher and business graduate sabine lauer.

17 o’clock: experience report of martina weltner: "discover the travel world as a single woman!"

17.30 o’clock: fashion show "kollmann.Mode44plus".

18 o’clock: buffet

Exhibition: accompanying the program items there will be an exhibition by photographer ina E. Brosch and a bookstall of the bookstore schoningh on the topic "woman.

Admission: the entrance fee is 8.50 euros. Tickets are available in advance at the bookstore schoningh at the kitzinger marktplatz, otherwise at the box office. The erlos of the women’s day comes to the association wildwasser wurzburg e.V. Benefit that cares for abused women. Judith seehaber from the specialist counseling center against sexual violence against girls and women will represent the association wildwasser wurzburg e.V. At 14.35 o’clock brief introduction.

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