How to cycle safely through the city with your offspring

However, transport is not always easy. It is often impossible to find a parking space for the car and public transport is often overcrowded, so that our little ones can get out of sight. This is precisely when your own bike is ideal for summertime jaunts. However, what means of transport are there for the offspring and what are the criteria for choosing them??

The separate trailer

Even if they are available as one-seaters, bicycle trailers are particularly well suited for the transporting several children. They sit next to each other with their seatbelts fastened and are able to communicate with each other under the lockable dome. Children can also watch the ride through the side and front windows. If it should be a longer trip, the offspring is well protected against wind and weather on the one hand and can sleep in peace on the other hand due to the separated room. Many models also have a third wheel and a push handle at the rear, which means that the trailer can be converted into a cross-country pushchair in no time at all, and sporty parents can take it out jogging.

The bicycle seat

They come in different varieties and many of us can still remember trips with our parents. In the meantime, the choice of seats has increased and the technology has improved considerably in terms of comfort and safety. To the different bicycle seats with the respective advantages and disadvantages one can inform under this address. When buying a bicycle seat, it is advisable to find out in advance whether the seat is suitable for the child’s own bicycle. Therefore, before buying information should be obtained from the specialist dealer, says the online dealer bicycle.De. Harness systems, among which three-point harnesses are considered particularly comfortable and safe, as well as high backrests and adjustable fuselages, the improvements that allow the seat to grow with the child are important improvements of the mobile companions. On the internet you can find further important tips for buying bicycle seats. A light and yet stable assembly is an absolute must with the chosen model. The freedom of movement of the rider must not be impaired by the suspension of the seat or the push rods. Since rear models, which are fastened on the pannier rack or on the frame, have become popular, it is advisable to buy bicycle mirrors in order to keep an eye on the offspring again.

When the decision to buy has been made

When all the tips have been taken into account and you have decided to buy a new seat, all you need is a supplier for the right model. A rough selection of suitable child seats is offered by the online retailer fahrrad.De. There you will find information about the mounting method and the built-in belt system, as well as information about the permitted weight of the child and customer reviews. Of course all seats are tuv-certified and with the seal of "tested safety provided, so that the children are well protected and nothing stands in the way of a trip with the whole family.

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