Fourth world championship title for savchenko/szolkowy

Fourth world championship title for savchenko/szolkowy

The last time maxi herber and ernst baier won four times for germany in pairs was 73 years ago. The legendary marika kilius and hans-jurgen baumler only won the world championship twice in 1963/64.

"The cure is absolutely successful, it is a new style in pairs skating, aljona and robin have reinvented themselves," said elke treitz, vice president of the german skating union (DEU). "This is the very rough throw of ingo steuer."The trainer was cheering in front of 7000 spectators in the palais des expositions and was overjoyed.

"We succeeded for the first time in the triple throw in the short program and we had only one medal as a goal here". The fact that aljona and robin are now in the middle of the podium is all the better," said the 45-year-old coach, who was only annoyed that szolkowy only jumped the axel easily. "Aljona won the title for us," said steuer, "robin got into a pirouette badly and messed up the axel.".

The four-time european champions had not competed since winning the grand prix final in december and did not know where they stood for a long time after savchenko tore her muscle fibers. In the south of france they were again prepared to the point, strong nerves and fit. The saxons secured prize money of 67,500 u.S. Dollars (51,383 euros) and just barely edged out their rivals, tatjana wolososhar/maxim trankov of russia, with 201.38 payers. "It’s a satisfaction because everybody said that the russians will win everything now," said steuer. The japanese team narumi takahashi/mervin tran (189,69) won the bronze medal.

Szolkowy and his dainty partner gave an excellent interpretation of the dance theater piece based on the work of the late choreographer pina pausch. At first, the 32-year-old had problems with the modern style: "pina is something completely new, and i didn’t think it would be so good with relatively simple means."

Maylin hausch and daniel wende (oberstdorf) ended the competition disappointed after several bloopers on rank 13. "After maylin’s bone injury we simply had too few competitions," said the sports soldier. One place worse were mari vartmann and aaron van cleave (dusseldorf), who however remained faultless. The DEU lost the third starting place for the next title fights in 2013 in london/ontario in canada.

Previously, berlin’s peter liebers had given away a rough chance. The 23-year-old sports soldier ran a shaky program to blues sounds and is ranked only 23rd before saturday’s cure. Due to two stumbles, the student just barely reached the short final of the best 24. "I felt so good during the run-in and then the entry combination also worked out," said liebers, who fluffed after the triple flip plus triple toeloop on the axel and lutz. With 58,21 points the last year’s 15th place got. Still a mild rating, although the pirouettes were well honored.

Defending champion patrick chan took the lead with a score of 89.41, ahead of the czech michel brezina (87.67) and daisuke takahashi (85.72) from japan. The canadian performed a quadruple toeloop and a combination of triple lutz and toeloop.

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