Fair trade products continue to grow

Fair trade products continue to grow

This was announced by gepa in wuppertal. In supermarkets in particular, consumers bought more sustainably produced goods than in the previous year. Sales here climbed by almost 16 percent. Part of the growth was also due to higher raw material prices. With price increases averaging 6 percent, gepa was able to pass some of these costs on to consumers.

"It has been a difficult year," said managing director thomas speck about the annual balance sheet. "Commodity prices have exploded in a way that i have never experienced in my 22 years at gepa."Almost half of gepa’s turnover is in coffee. In the current fiscal year, the company is expecting another strong surge in sales of coffee.

The company sells its products through food retailers, a good 800 world stores nationwide and at home, for example to canteens, dining halls and educational institutions. In addition to chocolate, tea and drinks, the range also includes jewelry, bags and cakes.

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