Council cellar and palace courtyard are up for debate again

Council cellar and palace courtyard are up for debate again

Contrary to the original intention of the city administration, the gewolbekeller of the ratskeller in the castle will be preserved gastronomically. The city council has already decided on this, as well as the placement of the coarse ventilation system in the underground garage below the terrace. Now planners have set a second escape route for the local. The had been called absolutely necessary. As long as the construction site is coarse, the local is free to.

As mayor german hacker confirmed in the run-up to the meeting, this rescue route is to be laid via the supplementary kitchen. This is in the area where a freight elevator is currently located. This means that later on a door will be created to the castle courtyard. In about the place where the rough showcase is now located. Two other possible penetrations, directly into the underground car park or at the western end upwards to the previous location of the ventilation system, were dispensed with. Much too "auendig, said hacker.

There’s also news for the palace courtyard. Here, a ramp can be dispensed with, which should ensure access to the tourist information office. The site will now be raised and sloped somewhat, so that level access will be possible, said the mayor. But this also means that a water gutter will be needed. This in turn means that the fruit tree in the corner of the ratskeller will now be finally removed. Because the tree is rooted in the castle courtyard and is in the way of the gutter. A preservation, according to hacker, was basically unlikely anyway, if only because of the massive bored piles.

Meanwhile, the excavators are already digging in the castle trench – it’s about the canal construction in advance. Especially for children it is an exciting thing to watch the construction machines at work. And that will remain so for many months to come.

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