Contact point for parents

Contact point for parents

The two early learning centers – in the nikolausiedlung in kronach and in the aubenstelle im lehen in steinbach/wald – are an early learning concept initiated by lebenshilfe. This voluntary and free service is aimed at all parents who are concerned about their children's development and are looking for help.

The individual demand is aimed at children from birth until they start school. The services are financed by the district of upper franconia and the respective health insurance companies. "Many people certainly have an inaccurate or false idea of what the early warning office is supposed to do.

Often there is still the popular opinion that it is especially an institution for children with mental disabilities", explains the head of the early learning center, social pedagogue elisabeth nab. This is not the case, or has changed over time. Currently, between 150 and 200 children are cared for in kronach and steinbach/wald, especially those with developmental problems or delays. "Children with intellectual disabilities make up only the very smallest proportion of the total", according to elisabeth nab.

The reasons for the increase in development incidents are as varied as they are complex, with the changing society also playing a not insignificant role. When parents contact the early intervention center, a consultation and an initial psychological diagnosis determine whether early intervention is necessary. Then, together with the parents, it is decided in which form the child can best be challenged in its development. As a complex service, curative educational and medical-therapeutic measures are provided at the same time. These take place once a week in the rooms of the early help center or in the children's living environment.

"An important prerequisite for this is that a doctor determines the necessity of a demand and the measures to be taken are laid down in a demand and treatment plan", the head of the office explains.

The early intervention center is networked with kindergartens, preparatory school facilities, diagnostic and challenge classes, elementary schools, other early intervention centers, counseling centers and youth welfare offices. "Our work is centered on the support and individual needs of children and their families. The aim is to eliminate or reduce the identified deviations from the current state of development or to better deal with the limitations", elisabeth nab explains.

For the autumn festival on sunday, 23. September, from 1 to 5 p.M., small and large are invited to the early research center at nikolaussiedlung 20/22. The children could look forward to fun play stations.

A high point is certainly around 15.30 p.M. The magic show with the magic clown "fabellini. 

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