Comment: from a nuchtern point of view, the new forchheimer gelander is not worth that much

comment: from a nuchtern point of view, the new forchheimer gelander is not worth that much

It is and remains a gelander. But it is about the kellerwald! It is and will remain a gelander. Even if it is about a matter of the heart like the beloved kellerwald, one should look at the whole thing nuchtern:

The gelander should prevent kellerwald visitors and annafest guests from falling off. And if safety cannot be guaranteed, improvements must be made. Everyone has agreed on this (so far) since the issue became a topic over a year ago.

The (certainly not free) draft was presented and discussed in detail. In november the old planning committee was full of praise. For the beloved kellerwald no effort, time or money was spared: costs of 1.3 to 1.5 million euro are still in the air. Who pays how much – between the city and the cellar operators – is not even clear yet.

And now? A provisional solution for the anniversary, a commissioned planning office, an exclusive design, a display model later on? The result: the kellerwald-gelanders need wood!

And this wish came from veteran city councilors who had to know the plan. What did the critics actually expect from the new gelander? If you look at the previous plans and the current 1-to-1 model in relation to the hofmannskeller, you will see: it is and remains a steel gelander made of dark letters.

What does the planning committee now expect from an additionally decided (certainly not free) design of a wood-steel variant?? I venture a prediction: it will and remains a gelander.

Its radiance is overestimated. For the weal and woe of the cellar forest it is not the land that is decisive. Thus, the new construction will neither be a modern billboard, nor supposedly "typical kellerwald". It does not have to be.

Because the gelander should above all prevent a crash. Is it really necessary to spend so much effort, time and money on it?? Nuchtern considered: no.

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