Br photo contest participants celebrate successes

br photo contest participants celebrate successes

With more than 64,000 competing images, this is a proud achievement, said BR editorial director alexander muller, who presented the photographers with their medals, certificates and prizes and congratulated them warmly on their success.

Rewarded with valuable prizes

Four local blende participants were among the 130 best photographers in the competition: reiner pechmann from topen with the 48th place. 1st prize, horst heuschmann from burgkunstadt in 109th place, marion wiegel from kulmbach in 121st place and helmut buchner from kulmbach in 123rd place. Helen schroppel from wirsberg and nicolas landgraf from kulmbach win special youth prizes. The successful photographers were rewarded with valuable photo accessories, annual subscriptions to professional magazines and software for image processing and archiving.

The lucky fairy laughed for four other young people who won further prizes in a raffle: nadja wirth from thurnau, franziska sittig from kodnitz, fiona schonberg from marktredwitz and katrin moder from bayreuth.

After the "glare is before the "aperture, and so preparations are already underway for the 2018 competition. The official announcement will be made only in a few weeks, but those who wish can already upload pictures on the internet to our contest page. Every participant can register there and with a few clicks submit his or her entries. Alternatively, paper prints may of course still be submitted.

And these are the current topics: "lost places – abandoned places is a topic that is very fashionable among photo enthusiasts right now. The main focus of this theme is on buildings such as residential buildings, hospitals and industrial plants, both small and large. But the theme can also be interpreted more broadly photographically by including disused gardens or cemeteries, for example. The range of motifs is rich and that makes this theme, which leaves room not only for beauty, but also for criticism, very varied.

Playing with perspective

"From the frog and bird perspective" is our second theme. It invites us to discover our environment from unusual angles. The game of perspective is rich in variations and offers an infinite number of possibilities.

The theme of our youth competition for young photographers up to 18 years of age is "that moves me". Beautiful, critical and personal feelings – all this can be expressed in the pictures.

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