A great stomping ground for weisbrunn

A great stomping ground for weisbrunn

The children just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the newly designed playground with the new playground equipment before the onset of winter. Without further ado, the parents’ council and the parents organized a family party with a small blessing and a brunch buffet. But the children had only one thing on their minds: the boys and girls were busy trying out all the new equipment and play areas.
After the family hike to eltmann in 2012 and the hike to dippach in 2014, many parents wanted a small internal party for the families to get to know each other. All families were invited, and all parents brought various delicacies so that a delicious breakfast buffet could be prepared.

Donation for sand toys

For this occasion, the newly designed playground was used, which the kindergarten children could hardly play on until now, as the grass had not yet grown properly. On this morning, all the children had time to make up for it at length. The new sand toys and sand vehicles, which were made possible by a donation from the "dippacher gfruana", were particularly popular in the amount of 2000 euro could be purchased. This donation was presented to the kindergarten director daniela dutsch by board members thomas bauerschmitt, uwe voll and bastian schwinn.

God’s blessing

To ensure that the playground receives the attention it needs and that the children are able to spend many happy hours on it, the children together, led by community advisor isabella friedrich, prayed for god’s blessing with songs and prayers. Isabella friedrich offered a story about a painter who drew a swing on a playground. When you look at the swing, the children are constantly in motion and there are more highs than lows. This is also an image for life "when I go through depths, I know that I am always held from above".
Kindergarten director daniela dutsch thanked all those who had helped to organize this family celebration. Chairwoman of the parents’ association anja espig expressed her delight that the building has already been designed in this way. She thanked all the helpers. But also during the kindergarten year there are always numerous volunteers who bake gingerbread or cookies for the wallburgweihnacht or help out at the summer festival.
Thanks were also given to mayor michael ziegler and the city council, which gave the go-ahead for the redesign of the playground and was prepared to invest 100,000 euros in the building site. The playground, which had fallen into disrepair over the years, had been transformed into a place where children could enjoy themselves and let their imagination run free through play.

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