Verses about a childhood in the bamberg district

Verses about a childhood in the bamberg district

"That’s just how it was", some of the older listeners will have thought to themselves. Yes, that’s how it was in the 1950s in the countryside, in limbach, pommersfelden or steppach.

Helmut schleicher, who was born in bamberg and still lives there today, is a limbach native. Since his 50th birthday. He has been writing down his memories, in dialect and mostly in verse. Schleicher’s collected works are now available as a book. "Jerk mirror in french" is the title of the volume that the author presented at the pommersfelden town hall.

The poems are thought-provoking, moving and sometimes exhilarating. "A local history document describing the post-war period in our villages", rudolf schmidt, chairman of the heimatverein reicher ebrachgrund, called it at the book presentation. For the heimatverein reicher ebrachgrund has published schleicher’s book. Franz kachler, honorary chairman of the local history society, was the motor that drove schleicher to write his book. "The author reflects on the past", says kachler. That the author’s "ruckspiegel the cover is slightly dusty, a sign of the "experienced and felt moments" of the author and his view from the memory.

It must go back a long way when schleicher, born 1941, writes about april 1945. Because the bosn ami have come to the villages in the ebrachgrund", says. That the not-so-"bos" were, spurt schleicher at the end. This has to do with the then four-year-old’s favorite toy: a "goggl" (gockel), which the bub had forgotten when he left the house. A touching story in which the names of many long-dead people are brought back to life.

Originals and peddlers

As in the poem "windazeid", he has been writing his (wintertime), in which schleicher brings to life the many peddlers and originals who roamed the villages in the austere postwar period. The singing buyer for "hosobelz" (hasenpelz), for example, but also the scissor grinder and the coffee roaster, the basket maker and the baker who sold bread, brodla and americans, as well as the gmaadina who, on behalf of the municipality, announced the news at "ausschelln announced. But also the "klaan hertie", a well-known original from pommersfelden, who supplied the villagers with washing, clothing and other things.

Wonderful to hear – and to understand – are the poems recited by the author himself. Although reading – especially for non-franconians – may not be easy. Seduced" to write his former teacher, the unforgettable "rector beck," had kept him in it, helmut schleicher revealed during the reading. On the occasion of his 50th birthday, beck. A "wonderful laudation in dialect" on the occasion of his 50th birthday held. After that, he himself got a taste for dialect.

Helmut schleicher was able to present his first work to a large number of listeners in the meeting room of the pommersfelden town hall. The host, mayor hans beck (WBS), connected the memories with the historical anniversaries of those days. The author’s nieces, corinna and sabrina schleicher, framed the performance with guitar playing and singing.

The book, ninth volume of the "materials from the rich ebrachgrund", is available from the heimatverein reicher ebrachgrund and from the municipality of pommersfelden at a price of 22 euros.

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