Trump: will only lose election in case of “massive voter fraud

Trump: will only lose election in case of 'massive voter fraud

U.S. President donald trump has once again called a result of the U.S. Election on 3. November still demanded in the night and thus fueled concerns, he could prematurely declare himself the winner.

The republican wrote in a tweet on monday evening (local time) that there are “gross problems and discrepancies” throughout the u.S. On the brieahl. “Must have a final result on 3. November have.”A result on election night is unlikely, especially if it is close, because in several states, electoral votes are counted days later. Twitter issued a warning about the tweet due to possible misleading statements.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of americans are expected to vote by brieahl. Polls show more supporters of democrat joe biden want to use this option than trump’s supporters. The president has been claiming for months, without any evidence, that brieahl is advancing election fraud. His critics fear he could declare himself the winner on election night based on early results. Trump has so far left open whether he will recognize the election results.

Trump on monday reiterated his belief that the only way he could lose next tuesday’s election was if the democrats rigged it. “That”s the only way we can lose, in my opinion: massive voter fraud,” the president said in pennsylvania. With just over a week to go before the election, trump made three appearances on monday to woo votes in the fiercely contested state.

In allentown, litz and martinsburg, the 74-year-old spoke to his supporters for a total of nearly four hours on monday. Trump"s challenger biden (77) was also on the campaign trail in pennsylvania on monday, visiting the city of chester.

Pennsylvania is one of the so-called swing states, which are not clearly aligned with either the republicans or the democrats, and which will be the winner in the election on 3. November could be decisive. Biden ahead of trump in nationwide polls. This also applies to pennsylvania, where the democrat’s lead is smaller. Trump won pennsylvania by an extremely narrow margin in 2016.

Trump again downplayed the danger from the coronavirus on monday. He accused the media of hyping the pandemic for political reasons. "All the fake news is talking about is covid, covid, covid," the president criticized. Trump also said "we don’t really have freedom of the press"." He justified this by saying that, in his view, most U.S. Media do not report widely enough on unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against biden’s family.

With regard to the coronavirus, trump wrote on twitter that the number of new infections is only increasing so much because so much testing is being done in the u.S. He spoke of a "conspiracy" of the "corrupt" media. They purposefully exploited the pandemic leading up to the election to hurt him. "On 4. November will be a complete game changer."Trump insinuated without evidence that biden would delay a vaccine against the corona virus if he won the election.

The number of new corona infections reported daily in the united states had risen to a record high of more than 83,000 by the end of last week. The increase in infections is much faster than the increase in tests. The pandemic has killed nearly 225,000 people in the U.S.

Biden denied in chester that he was running an election campaign on a low flame. The democrat explained that he was appearing less often and in front of fewer people because, unlike trump, he did not want to hold "super-spreader" events. But there has not been a single day of campaigning where he has not worked for twelve hours.

Biden announced events in iowa, wisconsin, georgia and florida in the coming days. Trump regularly mocks biden for his few appearances and questions his opponent’s physical and mental fitness for the presidency.

Trump repeated his accusations that democrats want to take away americans’ guns, stop the use of fossil fuels and restrict religious freedom – none of which democrats are calling for in this form. When the president spoke about the fight for the state of texas, he said: "guns, oil, and god. I am on this page. He (biden) is on the other side."

Looking ahead to election night, trump called for giving democrats a "thunderous defeat". "Not just a defeat. It must be a rejection. A rebuke of socialism."

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