The man for the important goals

The man for the important goals

Tim reiner has certainly not had time to rest this summer. Not only does the 24-year-old have to complete the final examinations of his studies at the wurzburg university of applied sciences in business administration with a focus on accounting and taxes. In addition, the intensive preparation for the season with the national league team TSV karlburg took a lot out of him. And even now, since 22. July the round has started, the demands are not exactly small with three training sessions a week and frequent "english weeks" for the striker. "You can only really do that if there’s really spab," explains the 1.88 meter tall fubballer.

A year ago, reiner had come to tsv from bayern kitzingen, then a competitor in the upper district league: "i was looking for a new sporting challenge and wanted to get to know new people," he says, explaining the reasons for the change. He had no guarantees of a permanent place, however, as the team was highly qualified in the attack. However, with david schydlowski absent for much of the season due to injury and sven ludwig returning from a trip around the world to start his traineeship in erlangen and thus not training regularly with the team, coach thomas kaiser used the forward duo of szymon dynia/tim reiner for many games.

"We harmonized well together. I’m more of a penalty area striker, szymon is the worker behind it. I benefit a lot from this work," says reiner, who had previously played for the youth teams of wurzburger FV and TSV sulzfeld. The results at the end of the season were impressive: karlburg qualified for the new, funfleisige landesliga as second in the upper district league. Szymon dynia scored 15 goals in the 30 games of the season, tim reiner even scored 21 times and was thus the most successful protector of his team.

In addition, reiner was often the man for the decisive goals. Against his ex-club bayern kitzingen he scored the winning goal in the final minutes of both district upper league games of the past season. The right wing was also on hand a few times in the final phase and scored important goals. "But you can only do that if the other players prepare well for you. That’s often been the case because in close games we always tried everything until the end," reiner passes on praise to his teammates.

In the new season, the competition in the karlburg forward line will be fiercer again, as david schydlowski has recently joined the team’s training program. And should sven ludwig get his next traineeship as a prospective teacher in the region, this would further increase the options for coach kaiser in the attack. "That’s not a bad thing for me. The season is long. And i’m sure we need everyone," says reiner and adds: "despite the competition, we get along well with each other and are even friends in some cases."

When tim reiner talks about the karlburg team, he always talks about how well they got along with each other. "It’s not like we only meet three times a week for training and then only for the games. The players also do a lot together in their free time."After the past season, a joint excursion to the erlanger bergkirchweih was on the agenda. When the team had a training weekend at the karlovy vary sports field during the preparation for the season, the players prepared their own food. Defensive player tobias wiebmann took over the part of the chef de cuisine.

In short: tim reiner likes to come to karlburg. Even if the way to the training sessions will be a bit longer in the fall. After completing his studies, the 24-year-old will take up a position as a tax consultant at a car supplier in kitzingen. "But besides that, you need a balance," he says. And one of them is playing soccer at TSV karlburg.

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