The dust goes down the tubes

The dust goes down the tubes

Since taking over the quarry from the heib family in 2005, the schicker company has invested 6.5 million euros in the plant – for technical improvements and new plant components. A good third of the money went into emission control, i.E. Filtering and dedusting systems and enclosures.

Drought and east wind

Still not enough, as oswin kirchner admits. According to the 49-year-old, prolonged drought and easterly winds are the worst circumstances in terms of dust pollution for stadtsteinach. "And we had enough of that in the summer of 2011." What the plant manager received in the form of complaints from the public.
With the reconstruction of the so-called loading sussel and the addition of a further dedusting plant in these days, the hard stone works want to minimize the problems.
"In addition, we will get a new, coarse sweeper at the beginning of august", oswin kirchner added. It is intended to keep the traffic areas in the operating area and above all the community connection road to triebenreuth clean.

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