“Streams have a decisive impact on our townscape”

Karl-heinz hofmann the fact that near-natural streams in the town are a benefit for people and nature became clear at the water neighborhood day, which was attended by numerous representatives from the municipalities of the district in the town hall of stockheim.

Bache in the town have been channeled or even banished underground long enough, says consultant michael richter. But in the meantime, it has been recognized that brooks are of great importance. As richter made clear at the meeting, near-natural streams in the village are a place to stay. There you can meet, dip your fube in the water or just let your soul dangle. "Creeks play a decisive role in our local image, both positively and negatively", according to richter.

Practitioners from various municipalities in the district, including the district chairman of the BBV, erwin schwarz, and engelbert singhartinger from the nature conservation authority, discussed the possibilities of making the brook more natural again with small or even larger measures and thus creating added value not only for nature but also for people.

The municipalities, which are responsible for the small streams, should not be left alone with this task. The state of bavaria provides financial support for planning and concrete implementation on the small waters.

The water neighborhoods themselves are a network at the county level. They are supported by the bavarian ministry of the environment and the top municipal associations and are supported in their work by the water management offices. The state office for the environment (lfu) coordinates the work of the water neighborhoods and the approximately 55 advisors. Michael richter, for example, works full-time at the kronach water management office and has headed the water neighborhood day in the kronach district for many years.

Mayor rainer detsch from the host community of stockheim also expressed negative experiences with the process of water expansion and redesign in the course of village renewal in reitsch. Reitsch has been working on such a project since 2014, which was supposed to be completed in 2017. However, a heavy rainfall occurred in 2016, which made it necessary to rethink and revise all plans. According to detsch, at the time, it was considered an event of the century that was unlikely to happen again in the near future. But just a few hours later, another heavy rainstorm poured down and flooded the town. It simply takes too long for the planning to adjust to such events.

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