Party notes: from the gaibach bypass to kleinlangheim village renewal

party notes: from the gaibach bypass to kleinlangheim village renewal

At the presentation evening of the burgerliste volkach in gaibach, the main topic was the traffic problems in the village, as can be seen from a press release. Those present wanted to know more about the bypass from mayoral candidate fred mahler. The candidate wanted to work out solutions at a round table.

The settlement of tradesmen he would, in the case of his election, declare a matter for the chief, so mahler according to press text. The people of gaibach would like to see better DSL coverage. The increasing shortage of doctors is a major concern. Solutions from other regions could possibly also provide a remedy in gaibach, says mahler.

The sights of gaibach could be awakened from their "dornroschenschlaf" (dormant sleep) by a balthasar-neumann-discovery trip, for example, said city councilor ingrid dusolt. In addition, the people of gaibach would like to have an annual town hall meeting in the future. The idea of the citizens’ list of a weekly communication about topics from the city council by e-mail was praised by the citizens.

Overaging was the topic in krautheim

"How can we stop the creeping obsolescence of krautheim? ?"This was the topic at the election event of the burgerliste volkach in krautheim. According to a press release, mayoral candidate fred mahler and city council members ingrid dusolt and roger schmidt as well as city council candidates informed themselves about the concerns of the citizens of krautheim. Above all, demographic change is an issue in krautheim. The fire department already lacks active members, he said. In order to counteract the creeping aging of the population, more young families should be attracted to the area. Further building land development is necessary for this purpose. In addition, the expansion of the digital infrastructure is important. Another topic was the expansion of the local road.

CSU and freie burgers introduced themselves

The CSU/free citizens electoral association invited its candidates to an evening of presentations at the "zum baren" inn in kleinlangheim. At the same time, the candidates for the municipal council introduced themselves, as can be seen from a press release. Hans braun described how the CSU had helped to enable kleinlangheim to participate in the village renewal project. Mayoral candidate dieter brunner thanked the SPD citizens’ community for deciding to support him by a majority vote.

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