No ban on stopping in front of himmelkroner homes

No ban on stopping in front of himmelkroner homes

In the letter, complaints were made about speeding and the lack of consideration for pedestrians crossing the road. The demand of the home management is: to order an unrestricted no-stopping zone on the side of the administration building and to install two speed bumps so that priority is given to pedestrian traffic.

"Always the same vehicles"

Mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) noted that the experience with speed bumps in terms of additional traffic noise had been bad. Hans lutz (CSU), who had noticed that the same vehicles were always parked in front of the administration building, spoke plainly: "the director of the home had to get along with his employees himself."

Ottmar schmiedel (SPD) also had no sympathy for the proposal: "the same vehicles park there for hours on end. I don't see why, because many suppliers have to stop there to get into the building, for example the post office every day. A unilateral holding ban is enough."

Deputy mayor harald peetz (CSU) made a similar comment: "the home management will just have to ask its employees whether they have to stay there." Hans matussek (CSU) expressed the opinion that the problem can be solved with mutual respect.

The motion was therefore unanimously rejected. "We understand, but we don't see the need for action", commented mayor gerhard schneider. Hans lutz asked to check whether the "fire department entrance" sign was still in place can be moved three meters in the direction of the sack estate (klosterberg 13).

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