New cell phone speed camera: netherlands uses new technology – is germany following suit??

  • Cell phone speed camerasnew device in the netherlands
  • The decisive factor is the location of the frame
  • Who is caught, must pay a high fine
  • When does germany follow?

Writing a quick message, checking the results in the sports app, or just looking at the navigation system: we all know that it’s illegal to use a cell phone behind the wheel – but many drivers still pick up their smartphones too often while driving. This often has consequences: according to accident statistics, one in ten serious accidents in germany can now be attributed to the use of smartphones. Even dead drivers are no rarity. The netherlands now wants to do something about it – with a cell phone speed camera.

Cell phone speed cameras: new device in use on dutch freeway

The pilot project starts on 23. November on the A28, the freeway from utrecht to groningen. It is considered the most important north-west connection in the country. On a 23-kilometer stretch between utrecht and amersfoort, the dutch police are now planning to introduce the "cell phone speed trap test. This marks the end of a one-year trial phase – the technology is now to be used in everyday life for the first time. In germany, the decision of a popular radio station had led to a broad discussion about speed camera messages: they threw the message about speed cameras out of the program.

West german radio reports that an algorithm makes it possible to identify traffic participants whose actions are suspicious. Artificial intelligence is to be used in the future to record all drivers who are likely to be using a cell phone at the wheel. According to adack, the technology can also detect tablets or navigation devices.

Since, for example, coffee cups could also be captured by the camera, suspicious images are finally viewed and checked by the police. The crucial thing about the new cell phone speed camera is the position of the devices: they stand on highway bridges and film almost vertically through the windshield into the cockpit of the cars.

Cell phone speed cameras also in germany? This currently prevents them

In germany, the use of such speed cameras would currently be pointless: in order to get a fine for a speed camera photo in this country, you have to be clearly identifiable as the driver of the car. For this to be true, you have to be visible at all. Test shots in the above video from the netherlands show, however, that the driver is not to be seen. Only the use of the device can be clearly proven with the photo.

According to the catalogue of fines.Org these speed cameras work in the netherlands, because there is the liability of the keeper in case of death. This means that the license plate is recorded, an advance payment is registered and then the owner of the car is automatically asked to pay. But with us, driver liability applies. That’s why we have to make sure the driver is clearly identifiable. In the netherlands, a "photo "costs of the new cell phone flasher costs up to 240 euro.

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