Highlight for the 10am

Highlight for the 10am

"All have passed, we can celebrate", principal wolfgang hoydem proudly proclaimed in the auditorium on thursday evening. In addition to the best in the class, hanna schmidt (weitramsdorf) with a final grade of 1.33 and victoria barreto sampaio-hein (untersiemau) and anika weib (weitramsdorf), each with a grade of 1.44, seven other graduates had an "A" before the comma. Schmidt was also the best M-school student in the entire coburg school district.
The good results were all the more remarkable because class teacher helen arnold fell ill for a long time before the graduation ceremonies. Principal and colleagues stepped into the breach, so that hoydem’s thanks also went to his colleagues. The rector advised the departing students "to remain curious, to courageously try out new things and to go new ways".
While hoydem emphasized the heterogeneity of the students ("a class couldn’t be more different from one another!"), arnold said this class was "the best class" they had ever taught. With the same goal in mind, everyone had pulled together and stuck together.

Some oddities

Nevertheless, the teacher looked back at some of the oddities in the 10am, such as the "everything notebook", from which she herself was to pick out the material to be evaluated. Never give up, never lose faith in yourself, that’s what arnold advised the now "mature young adults". At the same time, they should be grateful and give back gratitude. The teacher was proud that all of her students had passed the secondary school examinations.
"Do not hold it here nuchtern?", asked jokingly seblach’s mayor martin mittag, looking at the title of the invitation: "ten years of fabric – and still not high", was there – garnished with a hemp leaf – to read. In any case, the students had already achieved one highlight in their lives with their middle school diploma. And in addition, the "tools to fight against the coming hurdles get. Mittag advised the young people to go through life with open eyes and to meet others at eye level. His message: "you could achieve everything if you only wanted to!"

"Open ears and open coffers"

Class parent representative heike glaser-kohler attested to the mayors of the towns and communities belonging to the school association (ahorn, itzgrund, grobheirath, seblach, untersiemau, weitramsdorf) "always an open ear and heart, but also an open cash box" to have had. She compared the four years of the class together with a voyage on the high seas. Captain arnold has helped to form personalities from the students and has given them important values, such as camaraderie and respectful treatment. The fact that they left school with two diplomas was something the students could be justifiably proud of. Before they start the "logbook concluded, glaser-kohler wished the graduates "new teams and captains" as well as passing all storms and reefs, with the words: "you can do it!"

A few pallets for the garden

The class representatives rainer eiermann and anika weib love "the good times" in retrospect review. She thanked especially arnold, for whom they had made a seating group for the garden out of pallets.
For pastor tobias knotig the 10am has not only shown performance, but also humanity. "Those who are capable, willing and humanly guided have everything they need for a good future", the heilgersdorf clergyman encouraged the graduates before blessing them at their farewell ceremony.

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