Help offers can be strengthened in forchheim

help offers can be strengthened in forchheim

The cell phone is the communication tool par excellence. On the one hand. At the same time, it is more and more often the case that partnerships are in a state of crisis. The accusation: there is nothing more to do with the partner because he is constantly busy with the cell phone. The other then turns on the tv. Talks are hardly ever held anymore. "I would be happy to talk to you if you want to …. ", are often the accusations against the partner. Instead of constructive communication, further verbal attack and defense follow. Scenes like this are not infrequently described at the marriage counseling center in forchheim, which offers psychological counseling on marriage, partnership, family and life issues.

With pastoral counselor wolfram schmidt, the counseling center is again well staffed and the team, which also includes anna raab-stark and anna-maria welsch-bomba, can offer appointments within a short period of time.

It is not only young people who seek help at the counseling center. "The majority of those seeking help are in their late 30s to early 60s, mostly catholic, but this is because the district of forchheim is catholic, and most of those seeking help are married", says wolfram schmidt. Sometimes it’s older couples who are about to have their golden wedding anniversary and have been sent by the doctor, welsch-bomba adds. Individuals who have problems with their friends or children, people who are in mourning, depressives and often people who have self-esteem problems, welsch-bomba adds. So it always affects people who are in crisis. "It may be that the couples have drifted apart due to lack of contact. Some women feel left alone or people are in a transitional phase, for example when the children are grown up and move out or people retire," are often the accusations levelled at the state building department, describes schmidt. However, separation and divorce are often an issue and marriage counseling is a "last straw".

Talking in a shelter

Other people needed the counseling to be able to talk in a shelter or to be accompanied a bit on the new way, if the separation was unavoidable. It’s not the job of marriage counselors to bring couples back together, and employers don’t expect that either. "The consultations are open-ended", says schmidt. "Many people think they’re getting a prescription here, but they’re not. We are a help for self-help", welsch-bomba explains.

Anyone who believes that marriage counselors pass judgment on the basis of the couple’s performance is wrong. "We are not judges and there is no such thing as truth. Our job is to open the view for the other one. What does the partner hoard in the other’s exits", anna raab-stark explains. The problems that the people seeking help bring with them from their families of origin often come to light. This comes up in the counseling session. "It is then a matter of looking. A lot happens in the process, and understanding begins", says raab-stark. It can happen that one of the partners does not feel respected or valued. Sometimes it’s a power game, but often it’s the needs of the individual," explains raab-stark.

"It is important for clients, even those who are not religiously affiliated, to go to a church counseling center, welsch-bomba explains. Some clients were also surprised after counseling that neither god was talked about nor prayed for, says anna raab-stark. The church provides an important service with the counseling center, fulfilling pastoral care.

Some things the "normal pastor" can do simply cannot afford more. Wolfram schmidt knows this from his earlier work as a pastoral counselor in kulmbach, where he worked a lot with families and children’s groups. "There were more and more situations where neither dogmatics, nor moral theology, nor church history could help, says schmidt. He then went into counseling in order to be able to help these people. Schmidt, who has trained as a marriage counselor, is also a family therapist. Raab-stark, a religious educator, and welsch-bomba, an elementary and middle school teacher, also had to complete 600 hours of training to become marriage counselors.

Anna-maria welsch-bomba says she has noticed in her teaching career how important these consultations are. The parent consultation hours have become more and more like marriage counseling.

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