Heitec volleys are guests in konigs wusterhausen

Heitec volleys are guests in konigs wusterhausen

The heitec volleys eltmann have twice tried their hand at the rougher clubs from friedrichshafen and frankfurt in the federal volleyball league and have tested their suitability for the first division. It was not yet enough for a win. However, head coach marco donat’s team showed improvement in its home debut last friday against the united volleys frankfurt. But the first game in the brose arena in bamberg was lost 1:3. Now the eltmanners are guests of the netzhoppers konigs-wusterhausen on wednesday evening at 7 p.M.

Since 2006 in the volleyball bundesliga

With the knowledge gained, the promoted team enters brandenburg to face an equal opponent. "The opponent is known for its home strength", female heitec manager rolf werner. The netzhoppers konigs wusterhausen have been a permanent fixture in the first division since 2006. What makes the club stand out is its ability to stand up to the top teams in the league time and again with a manageable budget. A large part of this is due to head coach mirko culic.

The yugoslavian-born coach always manages to bring together many young players. He will be assisted by well-known former german national team players who will be playing for the netzhoppers, mainly because of their close proximity to berlin. Since 2018, 33-year-old world championship bronze medalist dirk westphal has been supporting the team from konigs wustershausen in the eagle position. The use of middle blocker uchenna ofoha, however, is still uncertain. The 25-year-old is injured in the hand. He told me he wants to play. How well he can really do, we will see", culic is quoted on the club’s own website.

But donat has his eye on westphal first and foremost. "We analyzed the game against frankfurt on the weekend to prepare for konigs wusterhausen. We certainly have respect for mirko culic’s team, because it is a solid team around the old rabbit dirk westphal. Nevertheless, we are going to berlin to take points there." Donat is aware that this is a challenging goal, but he and his team would like to be able to celebrate their first points late wednesday evening. Donat also reveals how it can work out: "we have to put a lot of pressure on the service and bring more quality to the reception."

Tomaš halanda sees progress with the heitec volleys

Westphal’s opponent on the side of heitec volley will be tomaš halanda. Slovakian attacker already has long experience in europe. Halanda sees the progress his new team is making with every encounter: "in the first game of the season against vfb friedrichshafen, we weren’t that good, they gave us a run for our money and we couldn’t really react yet. In contrast, we were already better at home against the united volleys frankfurt: there we showed that we can also hold our own against the good teams, even if not yet with the necessary consistency."

The slovakian knows how important the first points are for his team, they made the team even more united.

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