District of forchheim: elevator installed in town hall to make it barrier-free

district of forchheim: elevator installed in town hall to make it barrier-free

At the effeltrich town council meeting, a burgher reminded the council of the climate resolution passed in july 2019 and requested information on the macceptances that have been made so far. In addition, a replacement of the defective windows in the dressing rooms of the gymnasium was considered.

Because of the corona decreases, the council and numerous burghers met again in the rough, distance-permitting school gymnasium. The reopening of the town hall in the meantime has also made it easier to prepare meetings for the administration. The town hall had been closed for the first two weeks of june for the installation of an elevator. Also the main server for all computers had to be switched off. The renovation work was part of the "bavaria barrier-free" program necessary: by 2023, all publicly accessible buildings in the free state are to be made barrier-free. The government has allocated funds for this purpose. Following a council decision, the elevator is now located in the left part of the main hall of the town hall. Currently, work is still being done on the deflation. By the end of july, the work is expected to be completed.

Second construction phase

However, in a second phase of construction, the council chamber must be moved downstairs for fire safety reasons. The decision on which of the present designs is to be realized is up to the municipal council and has yet to be made.

At the agenda item burgeranfragen the former councillor christoph wurmthaler (DEL) reminded of the basic resolution on climate change 2019: at that time one had committed oneself to examine with which mabnahmen the municipality could contribute to come closer to the goal of the damming of climate change. Wurmthaler asked what had happened in the meantime. Have you installed photovoltaic systems on public buildings or use heat pumps?

Mayor peter lepper () pointed out that there is now a charging station for e-vehicles at the fire station in effeltrich and that the municipal building yard uses an e-car for short distances. The question of whether the school, kindergarten or town hall in the village could be used for photovoltaic installations is one that he considers important and will be addressed in one of the next meetings. The proposal of jens herzog () to change the street lighting in gaiganz to more energy-efficient LED lamps met with the approval of the mayor and all councils.

The councilors were made aware of the minutes of the castle meetings in gaiganz and effeltrich in november 2019 in the council information system. The requests made at that time were now discussed; some had already been dealt with, others, such as the regulation of janitorial services when using the meeting place, the purchase and installation of more speed meters in the village or the time schedule for the publication of the newsletter, mayor lepper wants to have prepared to deal with them in future meetings.

Before the carnival

The windows in the changing rooms of the gymnasium are defective. They were screwed down before the 2020 carnival events to prevent them from falling out of the frames. This grievance needs to be addressed urgently. The administration estimates that the installation of new windows with tilt and turn fittings, including the masonry and plaster work, will cost around 15,000 euros.000 euros was the cost. Since no sum has been set aside in the budget specifically for these repair measures, the municipal council was asked to comment on the matter. The question of how many windows are involved could not be answered. Some rates complained that the amount mentioned was in their opinion much too high. The administration was therefore instructed to obtain three further quotations, with the proviso that the work should be carried out during the summer, or at the latest in the autumn.

At the end of the meeting, upon request, mayor lepper also announced that he would hold his citizens’ consultation hours on thursdays from 6 to 8 p.M.

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