Attack on journalists at trump appearance

Attack on journalists at trump appearance

After the attack on a journalist at a donald trump campaign event, correspondents have called on the u.S. President to take a clear stand against such attacks.

A trump supporter at a presidential campaign rally in el paso, texas, on monday evening (local time) violently shoved and abused a british bbc cameraman while filming the rally. Trump himself had witnessed the scene and interrupted his speech to ask if everything was all right with the journalist.

The association of correspondents covering the weibe house condemned the attack. "We are relieved that no one was seriously injured this time," their president olivier knox said in washington on tuesday. He also warned that trump must make it clear to his supporters that violence against reporters is unacceptable. BBC says it wrote to white house press secretary sarah sanders asking her to review security arrangements for journalists at trump campaign appearances.

Sanders declared that the president condemns all acts of violence against individuals or groups, including journalists. "We call on everyone attending an event to behave peacefully and respectfully." Referring to the security arrangements, she referred to those responsible for trump’s election campaign.

Journalists are regularly booed and insulted at trump’s campaign events – fueled by the president’s media bashing, which denigrates journalists as "enemies of the people. Also in el paso on monday night, trump complained on stage about alleged lugner reporting ("fake news").

Journalists’ associations have long warned that trump’s aggressive rhetoric toward the media is dangerous and incites attacks on reporters. Last october, trump praised a congressman for violently assaulting a journalist, which also drew heavy criticism.

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