Almost five-kilo tumor removed from the abdomen of a 50-year-old woman

Almost five-kilo tumor removed from the abdomen of a 50-year-old woman

A doctor in ravensburg, baden-wurttemberg, removed a tumor weighing almost five kilograms from the abdomen of his 50-year-old patient. The woman did not notice the tumor at first and attributed her fat belly to blahung, according to a statement from the hospital on wednesday. She only went to the doctor when her pants didn't fit anymore and her belly button was bulging out.

The malignant tumor had grown without pain for the patient over months to a size of 35 by 32 by 17 centimeters and weighed 4840 grams. The woman was nevertheless lucky: the so-called liposarcoma had not yet metastasized and had not grown together with organs in the abdominal cavity. Only from the large intestine had to be removed in the four-hour operation a piece. The patient was spared chemotherapy, according to ekkehard jehle, head of the clinic for general and visceral surgery in ravensburg.

"Not completely "out of the ordinary

The surgeon urges the patient to see a doctor as soon as possible in the event of any conspicuous development in her own body. "The sooner we doctors can intervene in such cases, the better the outlook for our patients after surgery." Giant tumors are not entirely unusual, ravensburg hospital says.

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At the end of 2016, doctors in allentown, pennsylvania, removed a 64-kilogram tumor from a 71-year-old woman. The woman had previously resigned herself to not being able to do anything about her weight of 166 kilograms despite her diet. The tumor had slowly killed the woman, as a surgeon had said at a press conference on the case.

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