Agreement on care allowance and practice fee

agreement on care allowance and practice fee

A good ten hours after the rough show was finally over and somehow finished, philipp rosler is still pretty pale around the nose. And quite strained in the face. Not even his smile, which he has managed to salvage even through these grueling, perhaps often almost unbearable 18 months as head of the FDP – he can't even manage that smile for longer than ten seconds at a time. />
this is also a bit strange, because what philipp rosler says actually belongs underneath with a supersupermega-satisfaction beam. The government rules. The coalition acts. And his prasidium says it is satisfied. Unanimously. And the way philipp rosler talks about it means that all of this is tremendously gross. At least.

The following is a simple description of what happened on sunday evening at six: the heads of the governing parties, the secretaries general, the heads of the parliamentary groups and the head of the CSU parliamentary group, plus the first parliamentary executives, a total of exactly a dozen people, meet in the chancellor's office. Then the chancellor first says what should be talked about, and then the other two party leaders say what they think about what should be talked about and what should come out after the talk.

Everybody discusses for himself
Nothing really fits together. That's why the twolf split up, finely separated by party, and each party discusses for itself where it could give a teensy bit of ground. Then the three bosses get together again, nothing really fits, they return to their own, and so it goes on again and again, back and forth, until 1:30 in the morning. All the talking and running is accompanied by rump steak, french fries and salad, and then something the zwolf call a breakthrough or success. But it's nothing that the whole republic didn't know beforehand.

The childcare allowance will be introduced in august 2013 – just in time for the bavarian elections. That is why the CSU is satisfied. The parents can have it paid out in cash – or, with 15-euro-plus, invest it as old-age provision for the mother (small prasent for the CDU) or as an education reserve for the child (small prasent for the FDP). There will no longer be a practice fee as of january 2013 – just in time for the elections in lower saxony. Therefore the FDP is satisfied.

There is to be a so-called life benefit pension, sometime and somehow. Therefore the CDU is a bit satisfied. And a little bit also because ursula von der leyen didn't really get what she wants. And finally a little bit, because party and minister do not look completely stupid nevertheless.

Blob not too many details
Finally, there will be more money for highways (CSU is happy) and less for debts, somehow (FDP is happy). This is called a "structurally balanced budget", and in the seven pages there is exactly one sentence about it, which does not explain a bit what it is and how it works. And that's why the other two are going along with it, because if it doesn't work out, the people might not complain, because they can't say what exactly is missing.

"Four hours", now says philipp rosler, they needed it "for the unification. He means that almost as much time was lost during the night for writing and rewriting and for rest breaks. But it is still not true. Because in reality they have been arguing for almost a year about the care money, and for at least the past three weeks they have been negotiating what is possible and what could and what is not possible at all. And now, when a lot of money is being negotiated that is either not to be spent, or is to be spent just now, or is to be spent differently than originally intended – now, of all times, not even the finance minister is present. Because he is in mexico. And that was already clear when they have arranged them.

Results in the middle of the night /> at half past one in the morning, when the coalition has then acted, the three general secretaries sit down together briefly. Because now they still have to discuss what they will say outside. And who what Exactly. Rump steak, french fries and salad are finished, and now the people are supposed to swallow the results and, please, consider them expensive. />
the three of them look pretty exhausted. Probably they also suspect what will come in the morning. The opposition will be on their case, talking everything down and badly, and each of them will have to sell as great what they have been calling lousy, pitiful and superfluous for months.

At noon at twelve, philipp rosler talks with a serious face about how good everything is. His party satisfied. The government rules. The coalition acts. "Together." Three times he says the word. As if he could not believe it himself.

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