After lawsuit: inauguration in zimbabwe canceled

After lawsuit: inauguration in zimbabwe canceled

The legal team of opposition leader nelson chamisa (40), who was elected on 30. July mnangagwa (75) was defeated, had filed a complaint with the constitutional court on friday. The court has 14 days to reach a decision.

The vote was the first election after long-time president robert mugabe (94) resigned in november as a result of a military coup. Mnangagwa, mugabe’s former vice president, won the election with a narrow majority, but chamisa accused him of electoral fraud. EU election observers said the vote overall was free but not fair – because the government had access to state media and funds. Two days after the vote, protests erupted into clashes between opposition supporters and security forces, leaving six people dead.

Mugabe’s policy of expropriating women landowners at the beginning of the millennium plunged the economy into a deep crisis. According to the world bank, economic output is now around 900 US dollars per capita, lower than in 1980, and there is record unemployment. And this despite the fact that zimbabwe has great potential: raw materials such as diamonds, a well-educated population, and an ideal climate for agriculture.

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