What the marktsteft fire department experienced in 2019

What the marktsteft fire department experienced in 2019

2019 was not an easy year emotionally for the marktsteft fire department. In the second operation of the year, they had to rescue a dead comrade after a traffic accident with markus ungerer. The fact that this has left its mark was still apparent to commander timo albrecht during his annual report on sunday evening at the annual general meeting of the steft fire brigade. The accident also shows how stressful firefighting can sometimes be.

All in all, albrecht spoke of a "rather work-intensive year" for his 42-strong squad, including three women with a total of 18 missions. These covered almost the entire bandwidth of the fire department, with fires, traffic accidents, pumping out basements and even the rescue of a pigeon. It was positive that two young people changed from the youth fire brigade to the active one, which is very important for the continuance of the fire brigade.

Good cooperation with the city

Praise was given by the commander and the chairman of the association, simon matthaus, for the cooperation with the town of marktsteft, which always has an open ear for the concerns of the fire brigade, so that all problems could be solved quickly and without complications. A compliment that mayor thomas reichert returned in his greeting: "you have real aspirations, you don’t just talk, you deliver."

This was evident, for example, in the procurement of the tanker truck in 2019. Even though it cost a little more than planned, the condition of the used vehicle is much better. From the association contributed 5000 euros and the complete fitting out of the vehicle, so that in the end everyone was satisfied.

The association, under the leadership of simon matthaus, will provide the money as well as possible. There is a comedy evening, the maypole is erected and the christmas market is held. "The income is immediately spent again on necessary purchases", said matthaus. In the coming years, however, is saved, because soon the purchase of a new fire truck is pending, to which the association also wants to make a financial contribution.

Proud of the offspring

The firefighters are proud of the youth, who with twelve members, including five girls, provide for the necessary new blood. In addition to the monthly appointments, the youth also do a lot of things together, such as 24-hour swimming, the camp, the st. St. Martin’s parade or a visit to the trampoline hall.

Together with the mayor, district fire chief roland eckert presented awards to long-serving firefighters at the end of the meeting. For 20 years this was marco roth and for 30 years raymond lemmons. Timo albrecht and christian pfeuffer received the state award for 25 years of active service.

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