Victoria welcomes the european cup winner

Victoria welcomes the european cup winner


SKC victoria bamberg – szegedi TE
the hungarian top club szegedi TE won the european cup in bolzano in october 2011. Szeged is packed with hungarian national players. Szeged currently occupies second place in the hungarian league with eleven wins and only one defeat. Among the top performers in szeged are norbert kiss, levente kakuk and laszlo karsai, who have been at the top of the world bowling rankings for years. In the first round of the champions league, szeged celebrated two major victories against maribor with 8:0 (at home) and 7:1 (away). The team of SKC victoria bamberg will try to use their home advantage in order to have a good starting base for the return match on the 18th. February in szeged. "Especially in the home match we have to put szeged under pressure from the start and fight for every single set point, because these are also very important in the final score", according to a very motivated bamberg captain carsten heisler. For trainer bela csanyi it is a very special game it is against a club from his home country. "Szeged has always been a tough opponent for SKC in the last ten years, but we have always managed to beat them when everything is at stake. And that’s what makes me feel positive", so csanyi. Game starts at 1 p.M.


SKC victoria bamberg – asko steyr
in the long history of their international matches, the bamberger women bowl for the first time against steyer. The austrians have qualified for this quarterfinal via the NBC cup. They currently occupy sixth place in the austrian national league. "We will approach the task with full concentration and want to create a good basis for the return match in three weeks, so that we can then make a perfect entry into the final tournament", said coach werner buchs at the final training of the bamberg women’s team. The women are undefeated in the bundesliga and have also taken the crown at international level so far this season, in the form of the world cup victory. The match will start after the men’s duel at around 4 p.M.

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