The kurbis plays the main role

The kurbis plays the main role

The festival weekend already started on friday with a performance of the "french church cabaret in the seubling parish barn. Followed by the 14. Altendorf kurbisnacht with live music by "hampels houseband" on saturday and the rough kurbisfest on sunday.
The kurbis is a cult event in altendorf and attracts masses of visitors every year. The community is now known far beyond the borders of the district and has made a name for itself with the "giant berry" a unique selling proposition developed.

Due to intensive preparations, the 22. The second edition of the altendorf kurbisfest was once again a resounding success. At times it was almost impossible to get through the area around the chapel. All altendorf associations are involved in this event. A fact that pleased mayor karl-heinz wagner (CSU) in particular. For the local cucumber farmers, the cucumber festival is naturally also a welcome source of income. The construction of the cranks is time-consuming and expensive.
For this reason the kurbis can be used in many ways and is also appreciated in gastronomy. Whether they used it for fall decorations, as a halloween cucurbit, or to add a healthy alternative to their own meals.

All kinds of specialties

At the kurbisfest many specialties could be tasted right away. The offer ranged from delicious cucumber soup, cucumber sausages, cucumber waffles to cucumber liver cheese. Of course, the kurbis-secco, which was sold at the stand of the municipality, could not be missing. In addition there was kurbis-bowle with and without alcohol, kurbis-liqueur, kurbis-schnapps and different kurbis-spreads in the offer.

In the afternoon the guests were entertained by the gunzendorfer brass band, the xonx-verein altendorf and the youth brass band buttenheim. The children from the daycare center "kurbisland" also received a lot of applause for your appearance. The partly already very decorated courtyards invited the guests to stay and to taste the specialties.

Mayor wagner estimated the number of visitors this year at 8000 to 9000. He was concerned about the parking situation and the parking morale of some road users, even though the municipality had designated all the available spaces as parking areas. In this connection he appealed to the guests "to form car pools next year perhaps once".
Every two years the fruit and horticulture association of altendorf awards the children's kurbis king. The 21 children and young people had all been given the same seeds of a variety of halloween cucurbits and had then fertilized, watered and cared for their cucurbits. Kathrein rattler, chairman of the horticultural association, announced paula distler as the winner. Your cucurbit weighed in at 16.2 kilograms.

Among adults, the honor of king of the cucurbits remains firmly in the hands of the schlund family. While last year it was anneliese schlund who had the heaviest kurbis, this year her husband wolfgang schlund was able to convince with an american kind of kurbis.His magnificent specimen weighed 114.8 kilograms. He didn't really want to take part today, said wolfgang schlund, when asked for his "patent recipe" was asked, and so the "kurbis was not stroked this year", but still it was enough.


The kurbisfest in altendorf last sunday was once again a successful example of a lively festive culture that characterizes many of our communities in the district. Much less so is the fact that on such days motorized visitors seem to forget all the rules of the road when it comes to parking behavior. In addition, some road users lacked the necessary respect for the women and men of the altendorf volunteer fire department, who volunteered as parking attendants on this day. Actually, the fact that the local fire department had to clear the emergency lane for an emergency operation this afternoon is also unacceptable. Andrea sporlein

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