Steinbruck blackmailer may be ex-post board member

Steinbruck blackmailer may be ex-post board member

According to a report in the "suddeutsche zeitung," the man blackmailing SPD candidate for chancellor peer steinbruck is a former member of the executive board of the german post office. The manager claims to have written the threatening letter primarily out of outrage over steinbruck’s comments about the exploitation of low-wage workers. This was explained by the man at the public prosecutor’s office in bonn, reports the newspaper in its saturday edition. In the letter, steinbruck was threatened with revelations about a cleaning woman allegedly employed in the black economy.

The bonn public prosecutor’s office would not comment on the report. "I have no comment on this", said official spokesman fred apostel on saturday in response to a dpa inquiry. Steinbruck said on the sidelines of an election campaign event in aachen: "this is up to the public prosecutor’s office and i have no intention of commenting on ongoing investigations by the public prosecutor’s office."

The author of the letter addressed to steinbruck’s wife gertrud reported to the public prosecutor’s office last monday. His statements were currently being investigated in "factual and legal terms" said apostel. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating for attempted notification. The investigation will probably take a few more weeks, said apostel.

The blackmailer accused steinbruck and his wife in a letter of having employed a cleaning woman illegally 14 years ago. He threatened to make this public if steinbruck did not renounce his candidacy. Steinbruck denied the anonymous accusations. He made the blackmail attempt public himself and filed a complaint against an unknown person.

At the prosecutor’s office, the author of the threatening letter stated that he had sent the letter by mistake. He wrote the letter out of a momentary annoyance, but did not post it at first. By mistake, the letter ended up in the mail along with other letters.

According to the report in the "suddeutsche zeitung" the cleaning lady who had temporarily employed the steinbruck couple now works as a housekeeper for the blackmailer.

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