Spab learning for the serious case

Spab learning for the serious case

You are all sitting here not entirely voluntarily. "I am here because the first aid course is needed later for the driver's license", julia taschner confesses, while the teacher asks: "when is the stable lateral position necessary??" The schoolchildren laugh at first. Markus nagel looks patiently into the round. Larissa reports. "When someone is unconscious", says the 15-year-old from class 9a.
"Right", says markus nagel, who actually teaches math and physics at ebermannstadt high school. "Then why don't you show us how the stable lateral position works, larissa?!"
Some of the students are happy that they don't have to go to the mat. And maybe also a little bit, because the "normal" one lessons for her are not on the timetable today. The teacher has no problem with it. "The first aid course is supposed to be fun", he says later. The young people are allowed to approach the serious subject without bias. Now larissa is allowed to be a "victim" choose.
That is quickly found. Eva erlwein lies down on the yellow mat. Larissa speaks the "victim eva an. No reaction from eva. "Obviously unconscious", diagnoses larissa. "The breathing works. I'm putting you in the stable lateral position now." She lays the "victim" with the hand grips she learned in the morning in the right position.

Stomach is also just a muscle

"Now i'm going over the top", she says. "Why?", asks the teacher. "So she doesn't choke on her own tongue." The students have already learned that the tongue is also just a muscle. And that muscles go on strike when a person is unconscious. "Otherwise, the tongue slides to the base of the tongue and closes the air tubes", markus nagel repeats the medical background once again, while larissa carefully sticks her head over eva's head. With the help of a practical exercise, he tries to explain what he has learned to the students in a clear way. "If you keep your neck straight, swallowing will work normally. But if you put your head on the back of your neck, it is no longer possible to swallow." This way it can be ensured that an unconscious victim still gets air. "And why actually the stable lateral position?", the teacher asks. The schoolchildren look puzzled for a moment. "So that the victim does not choke during vomiting." After all, the stomach is just a muscle. And an unconscious person empties the contents of his stomach quickly, almost unconsciously. With the help of the stable side position, it is possible to prevent the vomit from entering the lungs through the mouth and pharynx. The first exercise is done.
95 ninth-grade students take part in this year's first-aid course at ebermannstadt high school. The course is voluntary. For this, the students do not just skip a morning of lessons. One afternoon, the participants also have to "do detention", to have the first aid certificate in your pocket. "Many people come because they need the course for their driver's license, of course, says markus nagel. But that does not bother the teacher. After all, a lot of things stick after the six double lessons. "I think the first aid course is good because I want to know how to help other people in an emergency. Now I feel prepared, says 15-year-old lukas dorfler from reifenberg.

"And what is still missing?"

"I think it's better to do the course with school friends because it's not so embarrassing and you dare to ask more questions", thinks 15-year-old julia teschner from leutenbach.
Then the students have a few minutes break. After that, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is on the agenda. And on this day, the schoolchildren also learn something about disasters. "The young people should simply have heard something about disaster control", says the teacher. After all, the population is thankfully hardly bothered with disasters today.
"And what is still missing?", asks markus nagel. "The cover, so that the victim does not "undercool", answers larissa,. But today schools can forget about it. In case of emergency, they now know how to give first aid properly.

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