Slight decline in organ donations in 2019

The number of organ donors fell slightly last year from 955 to 932. The german organ transplantation foundation (DSO) also reported a drop in the number of organs donated, from 3113 in 2018 to 2995 today.

The figures were published a few days before the important vote in the bundestag on the subject of organ donation. However, the figures for the previous years were lower than those for the previous year. The medical director of the DSO, axel rahmel, therefore speaks for 2019 also only of statistical fluctuations and no gross change.

"However, germany, with a national average donor rate of 11.2 donors per million inhabitants, is still one of the worst performers in an international comparison," according to the release distributed in frankfurt/main. But recently there have been more contacts with hospital patients. "The DSO assumes that the public discussions about organ donation will help to improve awareness of organ donation in the clinics."

On thursday, the bundestag is to decide on new rules for organ donation. This is about the so-called contradiction solution. A cross-faction bill by a group led by health minister jens spahn (CDU) aims for a "double exemption from objections". From the 1. October 2022 all citizens are to be considered donors in principle. One is to be able to say however later no to it. Otherwise, it would still be necessary to inquire with the members whether they are aware of a contradiction.

Another group of deputies led by green party leader annalena baerbock proposes that all citizens be asked about organ donation at least once every ten years when they pick up their ID cards. In addition, the afd has introduced a motion rejecting a double objection. Common goal is to increase organ donations in germany.

"You don’t achieve much with appeals," said rahmel. However, he does not expect any special effects when flyers are distributed at the town hall. "In principle, we already have that today."On the other hand, the resolution of objections meant that everyone had to deal with the issue. "Today, more than 40 percent of negative decisions are made by relatives who do not know what the deceased wanted."However, rahmel also warned: "the opposition resolution is only one building block. This will not double the numbers from one day to the next."

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