Queen in good spirits in spring outfit

queen in good spirits in spring outfit

The british queen elizabeth II. Showed herself outside windsor castle for the first time this year on wednesday.

She visited a war memorial for commonwealth soldiers in runnymede in the county of surrey on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the army. Anniversary of the founding of the australian air force RAAF (royal australian air force). In keeping with the spring-like weather, the queen wore a lime green costume with a matching hat, to which female blood was attached.

The monarch, who will celebrate her 95th birthday in a few weeks, seemed to be in good spirits. Birthday celebrations, appeared to be in high spirits. In pictures she was to be seen with a beaming smile. The british news agency PA reported that she jokingly asked an australian pilot stationed in britain if he was being sent out "to chase russians". He replied: "correct, ma’am, and that is a big deal for us."

Just a few days ago, there were reports of russian fighter jets coming close to british airspace over the shetland islands and being intercepted by royal air force aircraft.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the queen had retreated to windsor castle with her husband prince philip (99) and had so far only appeared in public on a few occasions. She and philip have already been vaccinated at least one first time.

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