Proper airing in the cold season – not only because of corona

Matthias litzlfelder in summer airing is easy. Even tilted windows are no problem then. When it comes to airing in late fall or winter, the situation is quite different. The "nice warm" in the apartment some do not want to give up. The consequence: there is no airing or only airing at all, with fatal consequences.

Right now proper airing is even more important to prevent mold growth. Whoever cooks, showers or hangs laundry in the apartment on a regular basis, must bring the resulting moisture out into the open air. Otherwise it will be deposited as dew in the coldest parts of the house – an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Proper airing means first of all: open the windows at least twice a day. Additional after showering or cooking once again these rooms (bathroom and kitchen) extra airing. Tilting windows only for a long time was wrong. Not only that it wastes heating energy. The components adjacent to the window also cool down to such an extent that condensation can form.

On the other hand, it makes sense to regularly blow the air for a short time. For this, you should open the windows completely for five to ten minutes. Effective air exchange is best achieved with cross-ventilation of the rooms.

In order not to waste energy unnecessarily, the thermostatic valves on the radiators should be closed during the short stob air phase.

As a matter of principle, all rooms should be heated sufficiently and as continuously as possible, even those that are not in constant use or where a lower temperature level is desired. In order not to prevent air circulation, the furniture pieces should have a distance of about five centimeters from the wall on the outer walls. It also becomes problematic in winter when laundry is dried in the rooms. At the very least, you have to air the room several times a day to get rid of the extra moisture in the apartment. An alarm sign is water drops on the inside of the windows.

The best way to measure the humidity in the apartment is with a hygrometer. This small device is inexpensive, easy to place anywhere and always indicates whether airing is absolutely necessary. Combination rates with humidity and temperature measurement are recommended here. It is important to know both of these values because the amount of humidity that can be tolerated depends on the temperature.

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